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a weird new trend..

February 17, 2017

I work out at the YMCA. This past month, I’ve noticed a weird new trend. I keep seeing more and more guys, mostly high schoolers, sporting Shirley Temple hairdos. Will someone please explain?!

Yes.. a very cute hairstyle for a little girl.. but for a teenage dude?! To make things worse, these guys put on girly headbands. I don’t get it.

The lumbersexual trend was bad enough.. Guys with beards so long they looked like they should be showing off their Mt. Sinai tans and carrying a stone tablet in each hand.

(I’m glad he dropped one. Ten commandments is more than bad enough).

Right then.. Americans are weird. I’m an American, but there’s a LOT of aspects of American culture I just don’t get.

I hope the Shirley Temple man- hair trend fades soon, and doesn’t last. Hope it’s not like the trend in which guys wore their jeans halfway down their asses so they could show off their boxer shorts. That trend lasted for years.

God help us.

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