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“See it in the marrow, buried deep in the bone.”

March 1, 2017

I haven’t written much about spirituality in quite awhile, and don’t plan on it being a major topic in the future. However, I wanted to share this, which I originally posted on facebook:

“See it in the marrow, buried deep in the bone.” Those are the most memorable lyrics from one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard. The song is called “Where Roses Grow.” It is about having faith and hope in the midst of terrible adversity, despair, and loss.

The song was written and performed many years ago by an obscure but brilliant Christian band called Rez (formerly known as Resurrection Band) that started their career in 1972. I don’t know if they are still performing.

What are these lyrics referring to?

A faith, a relationship, connection to God, hope.. something simple that runs deep, so deep in fact that some of us who have stopped practicing the faith long ago sometimes don’t even realize it’s still there in us. But it’s a part of who we are and something we cannot change. Even when it hurts.

I go off on spiritual tangents, like I did quite recently. Sometimes these wanderings last for years, but just as a compass will always return to pointing north, my being, my consciousness, my spirit, keeps returning to what was buried in me in my childhood and adolescence. And it has never left.

I fight brutally against it sometimes, and have been doing so for years, but I always lose.

I came to the conclusion last night that it is better to have faith in the midst of my suffering than to curse and blaspheme.

I don’t know about what my future will be as I very very slowly return to practicing Christianity. It’s possible I will eventually become a member of the church my parents and aunt attend. This will take quite awhile, but that’s alright.

I hope I will continue to feel even the slightest bit peaceful about Christianity, in whatever form of it I will be taking part in.

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