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boise photowalk: 3/26/17

March 26, 2017

This photowalk was not planned. I was driving home from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and passed through what is my favorite intersection in the city.. Latah St. and Emerald St./ Americana Blvd.

Heading east, Emerald Street dips down and becomes Americana Blvd. for a short stretch before being re-named 15h St. once the road travels into downtown. This road, as it winds through Boise and the adjoining city of Meridian, on Boise’s western border, has 5 names. It begins on the west end of Meridian, and ends in the Boise foothills outside the east end of town.

I’ve been meaning to walk the Emerald/Latah intersection for years. I have been to a large cemetery, called Morris Hill Cemetery, nearby for two photowalks in the past, also have walked through the parks on both sides of Americana Blvd. Kathryn Albertson Park to the north, and Ann Morrison Park to the south), but had never wandered around the other areas of the intersection.

Since I wasn’t planning on a photo walk (I was thinking of going to a music store after church, but it was closed..and good thing too, otherwise I wouldn’t have these pictures), I didn’t bring my camera with me.

However, less than three weeks ago, I finally purchased my first smartphone, an iPhone 5s, which came out in 2o13, but is still being sold today.

The resolution on this phone isn’t nearly as good as my 5 year old camera, but it’s certainly good enough.

The church is on Latah (pronounced “lay-tah”), and I was making a left turn from Latah onto Emerald, and looking toward the east while waiting to make my turn. The light was beautiful!  Far too beautiful not to take any pictures.

I made a u-turn on Emerald, headed back, turned right on Latah, another u-turn, and up just aways to what I thought would be a parking lot near a large, nondescript building, but which turned out to be a beautiful street called Crescent Rim Dr.that had previously been somewhat of a mystery to me. I’d been on it before, but couldn’t recall where it started and ended. I was very pleased to find out!

I took some of the photos while I was walking along Crescent Rim Dr., and some are from various places just below that street, across where Emerald becomes Americana Blvd.

These photos are not enhanced.

View of part of downtown, from Crescent Rim Dr.

downtown boise, crescent rim, Tom Meninga


Americana Blvd.

americana blvd. 3.26.17, Tom Meninga


I crossed Americana, and followed a little walkway where it dipped down a bit. I turned toward downtown for this shot.


View from Crescent Rim Dr.  Part of Ann Morrison Park in the foreground. In the background are the Boise foothills, and the mesa that is called Table Rock.

ann morrison, table rock, Tom Meninga, 3/26/17


View from Crescent Rim.. more of Ann Morrison Park and the foothills.

ann morrison, foothills, Tom Meninga, 3/26/17



Crescent Rim Dr. in my rear-view mirror.

crescent rim dr., boise,mirror, Tom Meninga, 3/26/17



Boise is a very photogenic city.

Photos by Tom Meninga. © 2017.

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