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a great concert by a most underrated band.

April 19, 2017

The Cult..

This video is a rare ’80’s gem! The band never even got close to the fame they deserved. Just happens sometimes. At least they got some serious airplay on MTV for a little while in ’89, when they released their album “Sonic Temple.” That album changed my life.. and I do mean it. I was a huge fan of these guys, and had two large posters of them up in my room when I was younger.

This concert video is from 1986, and features one of the best songs by The Cult, “She Sells Sanctuary. If you want to skip to 17:01, you can hear it..or just play the video all the way through.

Although the video is obviously old.. lines going up and down the screen, etc. it is very well-shot, and the music is original and great.

Billy Duffy, the band’s lead guitarist and co-songwriter along with singer Ian Astbury (who has one of the most unique voices in the history of hard rock, in my opinion), is still one of my favorite guitarists, not only because of “She Sells Sanctuary,” but for his later work on “Sonic Temple,” especially on the songs “Fire Woman,” “Edie” and “Soul Asylum.”

I was looking for live footage of “Soul Asylum” (one of the most passionately and intensely romantic songs ever written.. if you look it up, listen to the studio version) but couldn’t find any live videos of the song that were separate from a whole concert video.

I watched some live performances, and found this one, which I really like, even though “Soul Asylum” is not on it. A most unique band, with some awesome music.

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