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making some changes to the blog..

June 8, 2017

In the past, I’ve created a LOT of photography posts, showcasing some of my best work. I was foolish enough not to post the images with watermarks.


I’m concerned about getting ripped off, so I deleted all of these posts, and also removed my best photos from facebook.

I might still post photos once in awhile on this site, but not often. From now on, I’ll be focused mostly on writing about various topics, and continuing to share favorite music videos from youtube.

I plan on eventually starting a website just for my photos. I really want to make some prints, frame, display, and sell them.. maybe sell some online too.

I don’t know how much putting a watermark that looks kinda like this: © Insert Name Here – will discourage thievery. My cousin is a semi-professional photographer. She only posts photos with her watermark. This didn’t stop at least one of her images from being stolen.

She was browsing through a magazine, and found one of her photos. Someone had removed her watermark. She took legal action against the magazine, won her case, and got at least a little bit of money.

Watermarks offer at least some protection, I hope.

Just wanted to write a short note, saying this blog is no longer going to contain  many photo posts, and I’ll be posting my photos.. somewhere else online.. eventually.

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