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good to relax..

June 22, 2017

4:23 pm. Just finished breakfast. Been house and pet sitting for my brother and his family, who are still vacationing and visiting relatives in CA. They are now somewhere up near Pincecrest in the Sierras.

I am sitting on a tall chair at the bar in their kitchen. Breakfast in the afternoon is pleasant. I like to stay up late and sleep in. Last night, I watered the plants and lawn at 3:30 am. It was beautiful outside. Cool late night temperature, with a breeze, and the neighborhood was very quiet. I like being awake during peaceful late night hours.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs courtesy of the backyard chickens, and leftovers: spuds and the last of the macaroni salad from Albertson’s, a McDonald’s double hamburger from last night.. good to buy an extra, and a can of Sockeye Powerhouse Porter. (Sockeye, name of a type of salmon,  is also the name of one of the larger Boise brewers). I don’t ever drink straight out of the can though. The beer needs to breathe, so I pour it in a glass, or in this case, a coffee mug.. time to run the dishwasher.

Toby, a rotund feline, and Chase, a Golden Doodle, who is not at all golden in color, but who instead is black, are sleeping peacefully. It’s nice to have friendly animals for company.

I am listening to my mellow instrumentals playlist. Earlier, I heard one of my most favorite relaxing pieces of music, “Egrets” by Montreaux:

At the moment, Jake Shimabukuro has just finished a track called “Wish On My Star.”

I saw this guy in concert at the Egyptian Theater in Boise a couple months ago.. Awesome! Now, I am listening to “The Water is Wide,” a classic Celtic tune, being performed by Jonathan Johnston.


Moving on to a piece of music called “Child’s Play,” by a group called Another Fine Day. Not a bad name.

And now, “The Immigrant,” performed by Joanie Madden, from her album, “Song of the Irish Whistle.”

The Irish whistle, also called tin whistle and penny whistle, is the only instrument I can play at all decently.. sort of. It has a lovely sound.

It is good to relax. You should try it sometime.

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