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beautiful.. spiritual… anime?

August 3, 2017

I’m not generally into anime, in fact, this is the first anime TV series I’ve watched since back in the ’80’s, when I was into”Voltron” (the lions version, not the vehicles version) and especially into “Robotech” (Macross Saga and Robotech Masters.. never did watch much of the third series.. the first two series are truly amazing)..

But this one is beautiful.

It’s also terribly hard to understand! At least.. it has been for me.. I’m watching it for the second time.

It is not only science fiction, but very spiritual, in strange ways. There’s romance, extra-dimensional beings, genetic engineering of people, possible Jungian archetypes, art and architecture reminiscent of ancient Egypt, and other elements as well.. I’m guessing other people will understand it better than I have thus far.

I finished the whole series.. It is on Amazon Prime.. not sure if it is on Netflix as well.. might be able to get it from your library?

I took a few days off, and am watching it again. Hopefully, I will be less frustrated this time, and understand more.

But yeah, even though there is some violence, and disturbing images, the show is so often beautiful.

It’s in English, but the opening and closing themes are usually in Japanese. Here’s what the beginning montage of the series, which shows how it looks and sounds like:

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