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Human sound, healing, mantras, speaking in tongues..

August 4, 2017

I have a very strange feeling that I have never felt before, and which is hard to describe. I feel like I need to speak in a language that is ancient, primitive, something not heard by modern man. If not that, then perhaps something from the Middle East? Hebrew? Arabic?

Some people believe in speaking in tongues. I can speak in tongues.. I suppose, but I don’t think there is anything spiritual about it. I can make sounds that are like a language… but they are gibberish as far as I can tell. The sounds are vaguely Middle Eastern, as far as I can tell, from listening to my students, and people from the Middle East who I knew back in college, and who spoke various languages such as Arabic and Assyrian.

I feel a bit cathartic when I speak in this way, but am also worried.. what if I am speaking in some ancient language, and what if what I am saying is not good. What if it is a curse? Or worse?

I also feel as if I strongly need to not only speak from my mouth, but speak from my whole body. As if I could resonate sound from all of my body and project it forward. If that is possible, I don’t know how to do it.

This feeling just came upon me very recently, and I don’t understand it.

The best thing I can do right now is to use an audiobook called “Heal Yourself With Your Own Voice,” or something like that.

The narrator/author makes strange, sometimes embarrassing, or almost orgasmic sounds, to create resonance within the body, and to heal one’s self. The listener is supposed to repeat these sounds. I’m guessing these practices are rooted in some ancient, primitive tradition. But I could be wrong. It doesn’t matter, if making these sounds helps.

I’ve had the audibook for years, but have not made the sounds. I don’t live alone, and feel inhibited.

I also have a 4 DVD series on how to free one’s singing voice. Loosening up the voice so more notes can be hit, and one’s range can be expanded. I have the potential to be a good singer, if I practice. But I feel that singing, although a good start, would not be enough. Maybe it would. Maybe it would help a lot.

I haven’t used this DVD series much, and have only worked, or rather sung, my way through the first DVD a few times. Again, because I don’t want to sound strange and bother my family members. Also, I really don’t like the guy on the DVD. I find him annoying.

I’m staring to think that I should really get past these inhibitions and work on these vocal exercises.

Perhaps I should chant mantras as well. The only one I know is long, in Sanskrit, and is a prayer of praise to the Hindu god Shiva.

I like chanting it, and I don’t. I don’t want to chant to any god. I don’t believe in any god written about in any book.. either that or I feel that any god that has been written about is just a tiny view of a part of what God really is. Like all religions get a tiny bit of a view and think their view is absolute truth.

Maybe I should just chant “Om.” According to the Hindus, that is the sound of the Universe.

Unfortunately, I’ve had SO much negative Christian programming in the past that I feel any chant in a language I don’t know is potentially bad.. conjuring up evil, demons, or bad luck.

So I tend not to say mantras. Maybe I should work on getting past my fears, and chant mantras anyway.

Maybe all and everything is a part of God, so it doesn’t matter if I’m chanting to Shiva or whoever.

I don’t know, but whatever it is.. sound.. vibration.. I feel strongly that I need to let it out.

In this short video, I demonstrate my version of speaking in tongues, and what the “Om” and mantra sound like:

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