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browsing international radio stations and finding..

August 6, 2017

So I had an idea to listen to international radio stations online.. something fun to do.. don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner.

Why did I think of this at all? I was watching one of my favorite British sitcoms, called “Black Books.” A character on the show mentioned being employed by something called Radio 4.

Even though I’m somewhat of an Anglophile, and heard the station mentioned in the past, I’d never looked up Radio 4.. so I looked it up tonight.

Here’s the webpage I was streaming from.. not sure if it’s official..

Here’s the official home page:

After reading about it on Wikipedia, I found the station online and streamed it for a bit, then decided to try radio stations from Jamaica.. why not.

There’s a webpage called that allows streaming of many stations. At the moment, mostly dull hip-hop that doesn’t sound Jamaican, some reggae, some free-form dance DJ weirdness.. terribly amateurish, and then..


Yes, on 94.9 RJR.

Here’s the homepage:

(Oh, you might be wondering where I am.. Boise, Idaho).

I was going to switch to something else, since I don’t tend to listen to country (although I like a little of it) but a song came on that I thought.. hey why not listen to this? So I did..

I figured, like most radio stations in America, the DJ would not say what the song or artist was played, or even be on the air at all, so I googled the lyrics, and found the song!

(What’s with string sections in classic country songs?!! Ruins the tunes! I’m not talkin’ good ol’ fiddle music.. THAT I like.. no, I’m talking about string arrangements.. sort of a ’70’s thing I guess? I’ve noticed this in a lot of tunes that are otherwise great).

What a way to discover a song by Reba McEntire! How random, huh? This is a great song, and I’m going to purchase download of it. (Don’t be a pirate.. if you like a song, and you can find a download for sale, pay for it).

Anyway.. for those of you who are curious about music, radio, and other countries.. google the name of the country of your choice, the words “radio stations,” and “live streaming.”

I think I’ll try Japan a little later, even though I don’t know any Japanese, except for a few words. I enjoy a bit of Japanese music once in awhile. Maybe I’ll like more. Been watching an anime series called “RahXephon” that is both semi-incomprehensible and amazing! The opening and closing musical themes are wonderful!

After sampling Japanese stations?

Hmm.. I will try some in India..

I’m still listening to the Jamaican station.. the DJ finally came on.. bit of a surreal experience listening to a dude with a Jamaican accent hosting a country show. I do wish he’d play whole songs.. doesn’t even do a fade out, just cuts them off a bit before the end sometimes.

He’s just played a tune.. I couldn’t tell who that one was by, so I googled the lyrics I heard.. found that one too.. Randy Travis “Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me.” I like that one too.

And now, something by Patty Loveless.. so the DJ says.. his last song of the night.. just googled Jamaica current time.. what, only an hour ahead of Boise? Doesn’t make any sense! NYC is two hours ahead of us! Oh wait, Jamaica is on Eastern Standard Time, and NYC is on Eastern Daylight time. EDT is one hour ahead of EST.. I’m guessing they don’t have daylight savings time in Jamaica? So, only one hour of time difference between Mountain Daylight Time, the time zone that I’m in, and Eastern Standard Time. Don’t they have a sort of Caribbean Standard Time? Well no, the Islands are spread out quite a bit.

Right then.. that one.. the Patty Loveless (what a depressing last name) song.. strange theology in the lyrics.. “When the Fallen Angels Fly.” Whoops.. that one cut out too.

Now it’s religious music.. damn.. ok then. I’m out. Actually, I really like some religious music, but it tends to be several centuries old, and composed by one of the greats.. Bach, Mozart.. that’s NOT what started playing just now..

But anyway.. please enjoy this song by Reba McEntire (wow, she’s hot in this video! Big hair, but.. wow, classy too) courtesy of my curiosity, and 94.9 RJR in Jamaica.

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