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January 24, 2018

Sitting in my room in my office chair, but not for too long a time – been sitting down for hours has lead to some lower back pain so I am trying to get smarter, sit less and stand more. Something we all should do.

Took some medication so I can sleep. Feeling more mellow already. 2:40 am now. Maybe I will get to sleep before 5 am.

Earlier tonight, took dad out to Edwards Theater on Overland. $5 night. Watched “The Post.” I didn’t care for it much, mostly because I previously watched a riveting documentary about Daniel Ellsberg, which was FAR more interesting.

“The “Post,” which is not a documentary about mail carriers, although that would be something I’d watch and appreciate, is set in 1971, and is about the Washington Post, and a decision to go against the Nixon administration, and publish excerpts from the Pentagon Papers.

It was not a terrible movie, but surprisingly somewhat dull. Just because Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep show up in the same film doesn’t mean it is going to be awesome. Not exactly the Robert Redford/Dustin Hoffman classic, “All The President’s Men.” Good acting though, and nice to see actors from three TV shows I’ve enjoyed showing up in this film.

Alison Brie from “Community,” the actor who plays creepy Gabe from “The Office” has a cameo, and the guy who perfectly performs the role Saul Goodman “S’all good, man!” from “Breaking Bad” and the prequel, “Better Call Saul,” has a small but important part. Years back, he had a cameo role in an episode of “The Office.”

I always like when that happens – seeing actors from TV shows I enjoy appearing in movies. Though this does feel a little weird. I get attached to actors playing certain characters, and seeing them in new or different roles can feel strange.

Movies I have not seen..

I’m curious about the movies “Lady Bird,” “I, Tonya,” and “Bladerunner 2049.” Has anyone seen these?

After I got home, I of course watched 2 episodes of “The Office.” Comedy therapy. I’m on my third time through since June.

Then a bit of “Spiderman: Homecoming.” I really love most of these Marvel films, and watch them repeatedly. Thoroughly enjoyed the newest Thor film, and am awaiting “Black Panther,” which arrives in theaters next month.

Title character is played by American actor Chadwick Boseman, who already did a bang-up job playing James Brown in the film, “Get On Up,” which should have been rated R, not PG-13, but oh well. Good movie overall and I really hope Boseman has a long career ahead of him.

Tucker, our doggie, a bit of a mischievous fellow, has been sleeping in Nancy’s room for some weeks. He’s got his own little spot up there (where he is supposed to stay during the night).

Tonight was the first time he snuck out of Nancy’s room, scampered downstairs (I can always hear his clickety-clickety four-footed footsteps as he’s rapidly heading to my room), and paid me a visit.

He likes to go in and out my door, which isn’t exactly great, since I’ve got a space heater going (I like my room warm), my bedroom door doesn’t latch well, and he can bang it open. The heat is now escaping, and I am feeling a draft.

Oh good. He has settled on my bed. I’ll close the door. Once I crawl into bed, he’ll move to his doggie bed in the family room.

Going to practice my ukulele for a few minutes. Taking it slow, not getting too serious about it or worried about getting good. It’s a nice instrument. Little concert-size uke.

I tried some others in two stores, and found the one made by Mitchell, Guitar Center’s house brand, to be the best for the price. Just under $100 new. I found mine in the Music Corner section of Pawn 1 on Maple Grove and Overland. Got it for $65, used. VERY fortunate.

Besides uke, I’ll do some stretching: physical therapist-assigned exercises for shoulder and back, and finish one of my favorite novels, “Feet of Clay,” by Terry Pratchett. This is one of the Discworld Night Watch books. Imagine stories about a police force in a Tolkienesque world, and written by a funny, creative, deep, and very British author. He’s my favorite. Any Discworld fans out there?

Alright then.. hope you all have slept well, and are having a terrific Wednesday.

And as always, thanks for reading.




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