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LGBT, Feminism, and the Attack on Traditional Masculinity and Free Speech.

January 28, 2018

This is the most controversial post I have written. I originally wrote this on facebook, but have decided to put it on my blog as well.

Before you choose to comment, please read everything I have written. This will take some time.

I have spent over four hours working on this post. I don’t just take a few seconds to put up a meme. I think for a long time, then work very very hard to communicate my ideas.

If you’ve chosen to read all of what I’ve written, please think awhile about what you have read before writing your response. Thank you.

Secondly, despite how you might feel about anything or everything I’ve written in this post, I do not hate anyone.

I have noticed a noose, and it is tightening. Gradually, but hopefully not inexorably.

What is this noose? It is the systematic strangulation of free speech. It is the intentional elimination of dissent.

Many many years ago, a good friend of my mom’s said that if the people who were most vociferously preaching tolerance came to power, there would be less and less tolerance.

And mom’s friend was right.

Some of you don’t even understand the meaning of the word “tolerance.” It means putting up with something you don’t like. It means letting other voices be heard, even if you don’t like what those voices are saying.

We have entered an era of Orwellian double-speak. So many of those preaching tolerance really want conformity. By force of law or persecution if necessary.

I feel that in the face of such intolerance, my taking a controversial stance on various issues is more than justified.

I have for months put off writing what I about to write because of fear of retaliation from some of those on the far left. I am, by nature, a timid person who avoids confrontation.

I realize and accept that many progressives are well-meaning people, and, no matter what I write, these people are not likely to wish me harm, even if I offend them. But there are others out there who I am concerned about.

Also, I don’t want to seem intolerant or hateful. I don’t want to make anyone upset. I’ve so often felt I’d just rather let things go then challenge the beliefs of anyone, no matter how often those beliefs are plastered all over facebook, and spread constantly in so many forms of media.. TV, radio, film, newspapers and magazines. There is a brutally conscious effort to get all of us to think the same way, and to to accept the same “truth.”

I had set a goal for myself to keep my posts apolitical so that everyone can enjoy them. I am not an activist. But I feel it is time to finally write how I feel, even though I risk criticism and abuse. Even though I feel nervous and uncomfortable writing this.. doing such a thing that is against my nature.

Sometimes people don’t find their courage until they are pushed into a corner. Courage is being scared to do something, and doing it anyway. I feel like I have been in a corner for far too long.

It is my turn now to share how I feel and what I believe, no matter how much it may bother you.

LGBT and feminism.. Let me start with LGBT issues..

I am not a religious person. I do not even define myself as a conservative. I am a moderate, although, to be honest, I find myself to be more conservative these days, since so many people have become extremely liberal.

I am neither a Republican, nor a Democrat. I could not stand either Hillary or Trump, but Trump scared me just a bit more. Even though I was and still am against some of what Hillary stood for, I voted for her.

Nevertheless.. I still have some counter-culture opinions. I find it ironic and even surreal that the opinions I am about to share are counter-culture. How things have changed.

Straight vs. LGBT parenting..

You have been told, and probably believe, that, in general, homosexual parents are just as good as heterosexual parents.

I would argue that there is something called objective truth, and that nature has given us a template for the ideal family unit.

It takes a man and a woman to create a child.

To be crude, but frank.. if a naked man and a naked woman face each other, it will be obvious that, between his legs, the man has a pole, and between her legs, the woman has a complimentary hole. The pole goes in the hole. And procreation can happen. That is nature’s way.

And since I’m on the subject of anatomy, the structure of the vagina – muscles and tissues etc. is obviously meant by nature for penetration.

The anus, however, is designed by nature very differently. The tissues rip much more easily, the muscle structure is different, etc. The anus is not meant for penetration.

Why am I bringing up anatomy? To show you the way of nature, which all of you know, but so many of you wish to ignore, and even loudly denounce and deny.

Let us consider two couples.. The first couple is a highly functioning, mentally stable, compassionate heterosexual couple. The second is a homosexual couple made up of two people who are just as highly functional, mentally stable and compassionate as the heterosexual couple.

It is my belief that the heterosexual couple will make superior parents, because this is nature’s way.. the masculine and the feminine coming together to make and raise life.

Of course, if the two people in the heterosexual couple are abusive and psychotic, and the homosexual couple is kind and loving, the homosexual couple would be the superior parents.

But, the ideal is a heterosexual couple.

Now.. on to gay marriage. I am not against gay marriage being legal. Though – full disclosure..

When I was living in California, in 2008, I voted against gay marriage. I was going to not vote at all, and let things be. In years past, I’d had a great number of gay, lesbian, and bisexual friends, acquaintances and co-workers (I only met one transgender person). I got along well with them. I wasn’t going to vote either way, even though I found myself to be somewhat conservative in regards to this issue.

What changed my mind? Why did I vote against gay marriage?

Three reasons:

1. Back when I was living in California, a decade ago, there appeared on the ballot something called Proposition 8. The goal of this ballot measure was to ban gay marriage in California.

My parents asked me to put up a sign in the front yard, supporting Proposition 8 – a vote for Prop 8 was a vote against gay marriage – confusing.. I know.

I put up the pro-Prop 8 sign because they asked me to, and I was feeling somewhat ambivalent. Somebody stole the sign off the lawn. Trespassing and theft.

There were MANY anti-Prop 8 signs all over town. I would not dream of tearing down any of those signs. I believe in equal right to free speech. But someone stole the sign in our yard.

2. There were newscasters at both the pro- and anti- Prop 8 headquarters. The people in the pro-prop 8 group were respectful and civil. The people at the anti-Prop 8 headquarters were anything but. Homosexual couples kept jumping in front of the camera, disturbing the broadcast, making out and practically taking off each other’s clothes on live television. This kept happening, on multiple broadcasts, during different days and nights. I didn’t like that.

3. My parents and one of my aunts are Catholic converts. Although there are millions of very liberal Catholics, the Catholic church is and always has been against gay marriage and very much in favor of traditional families.

At the parish where my relatives attended mass, there were many pro-Prop 8 signs – supporting the ban against gay marriage.

One Sunday, after mass, a man tore out many of these signs, and threw them over the wall of the cloistered convent where the nuns lived. This is a terribly disrespectful thing to do. The man then proceeded to start a fist fight with a another man who was verbally confronting him.

(By the way, Prop 8 passed, gay marriage was banned in California, but the measure was later ruled unconstitutional. What’s the point in having something on a ballot if a judge can overturn it?)

These three things pushed me over the edge. Yes, I know.. there were many thousands of LGBT and straight people who were not only in favor of gay marriage, but who were kind, well-behaved people. But even so, these three things were too much for me. I left my home, and I cast my vote against gay marriage.

Why did I later choose to be in favor of the legalization of gay marriage? I know very little about the law, but after much thinking, I found myself to be of the opinion that it was likely that banning gay marriage was unconstitutional.

I also eventually supported the choice to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states. Why? It is insane for a marriage to be legal in one state, and null and void in another. So, I supported the federal decision.

How do I personally feel about gay marriage, and homosexuality in general?

I have always felt homosexuality to be wrong. Not wrong in the sense of it being sin, an abomination, or anything like that. I don’t believe in “sin,” and decades ago found my belief in the Judeo-Christian God to be unsustainable. I have already shared my thoughts about the nature of God in a previous post, and won’t get into all that now.

No, I mean wrong in that I feel and have felt that it goes against nature, and how the human body and sex and procreation work. This is not so much a moral judgement as an observation. And when I use the word “nature,” I am talking about objective nature, natural law, not subjective nature.

By subjective nature, I mean a person’s individual nature. Yes, some individuals are naturally gay, through no fault of their own. But I can’t help but think something went wrong.. in the womb or.. I don’t know.

It has been said that 10% of the human population is not heterosexual. I don’t know if that figure is accurate. It has also been said that 10% of the animal kingdom is homosexual. Scientists are definitely not in agreement on this.

Does my thinking that homosexuality is an abnormality make me a bad person? No. I do not act on my thoughts. I do not advocate discrimination against homosexual persons in the work place or the housing market, etc., and, as I wrote earlier, I am in favor of keeping gay marriage legal.

I am also in favor of keeping the lines of communication between me, LGBT people, and their supporters, open, if that is what they want.

But I feel the way I feel, even though some of my closest friends, and some of the people I’ve most respected have been gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals. I’ve never told them how I felt, because I did not want them to feel alienated, and I wanted to stay friends.

So why am I sharing all this now?

Because so many people do not want me to be able to share how I feel. I am not taking revenge against anyone. This is a defensive act.

The political climate has shifted dramatically and even drastically since the beginning of the new millennium. Free speech is under attack. Every day.

I would now like to address the issue of transgenderism.

I am returning to objective reality vs. subjective reality.

You can’t be any gender you want just by wishing it, or by having things done to your body.

The VAST majority of people ever born have been born either male or female – either having a penis and testicles, or having a vagina. In EXTREMELY rare cases, babies have been born with genitalia of both sexes. The parents have had to choose what gender their child would be, and the doctors would perform a surgery so that the child would be one gender, not another.

As for everyone else.. born either male or female.

There is something called Gender Identity Disorder. The keyword is DISORDER.

Meaning.. something is wrong.

I have sympathy for people suffering this disorder. It must be beyond horrible. However, I will not be an enabler, and encourage people to be delusional and to act on their delusion.

Most of you would likely feel that it would be immoral to encourage a schizophrenic person with a Christ fixation to go around dressed as Jesus, argue with Jewish religious leaders, and try to nail himself to a cross.

I think it is also wrong to encourage someone who is delusional about the reality of his or her gender. A man who feels like he is a woman is still a man. A woman who feels like she is a man is still a woman.

Some people go so far as to have their bodies mutilated.. what is euphemistically called “sexual re-assignment surgery.”

I call breast removal that is not done to prevent cancer, but is instead done because a woman is suffering from GID to be mutilation. I feel the same way about a man who has his penis and testicles removed.

There can be no more obvious a sign of disorder than this.

I continue to be shocked that so many people support transgender people in their delusion. I think this is terribly wrong, and should not be celebrated. It’s a psycho-sexual disorder.

Do I hate transgender people? No. But they need serious psychological help, not to be thrown parades, nor told what they are choosing to do or have done to themselves is wonderful or courageous.

Some parents are even going to far as to allow their young children to receive estrogen or testosterone shots, and to try to psychologically condition their children to be the opposite gender of what the kids actually are.

I will not call a woman who thinks she is a man “he,” nor will I call a man who thinks he is a woman “she.”

I am against transgender people serving in the military.

Many years ago, I was interested in joining the Navy, but was turned away because for some years I was on anti-depressants. I was rejected simply because I’d suffered from depression, but people with a far more serious disorder are being welcomed in?

Are we to allow men to wear female dress uniforms and lodge in the barracks of women? Are we to allow women to wear male dress uniforms and lodge in the barracks of men?

Also, some transgender people are joining the military so the military will pay for sexual re-assignment surgery. I do not approve of this use of taxpayer dollars.

Transgender bathrooms..

Here is why I think it is horribly stupid and dangerous to let people use whatever bathroom they wish.

1. Men who are sexual predators will use this law to put on dresses, hang out in women’s restrooms and locker rooms and wait around to prey upon women and girls.

2. Women pretending to be men, even those who have had their breasts removed and who look like men, are at serious risk of being abused and even raped by men. I think it would be far safer for women who think they are men to avoid men’s restrooms and locker rooms.

Dress codes.. I do not think it discriminatory for men at places of work with a professional dress code to be expected to dress like men and women to dress like women. People dressing like they are of the opposite gender will distract others. I do not think this is professional, nor is it proper workplace etiquette. The same rules should apply to all people, regardless of who or what they think they are.

On to my last subject.. feminism.

Some aspects of feminism are very good. For example, yes, I believe women should have the right to vote, and should get paid the same for the same work, if they are putting in the same amount and quality of work as men.

But so many feminists have gone crazy. So much so that millions of women willingly put on pink knit caps shaped like vaginas. These are called “pussy hats.” I am not making this up. Classy.

If I were to walk around wearing a hat with foam cock and balls attached to it, I would not only offend people, I would be arrested.

Do I want to wear such a hat? No. I have self-respect, and do not wish to offend others.

I understand that women want to promote vaginas as symbol of female empowerment, but crowds of women with giant vaginas on their heads look like lunatics to me.

That is just one example of feminism gone wrong, and isn’t something to be seriously concerned about.

What is immeasurably worse is the concentrated and very strategic efforts on the part of many women to destroy any and all traditionally male roles in society.

Women are pushing hard to get involved in the skilled trades, such as construction and electrical work, any form of mechanics or engineering.

I have no problem with women doing any of these jobs if they are just trying to make a living. I DO have a problem with women getting into these jobs with the intention of alienating men.

I also STRONGLY object to women being allowed on the front lines of combat. It should be blatantly obvious to everyone that men have a killer instinct that the vast majority of women do not possess.

The vast majority of homicides in the world have been and are committed by men. Yes, women can kill. Yes, some rare women can be incredibly effective fighters, but in general, I do not think women are nearly as psychologically or even physically suited to killing as men are.

Also, there is already an epidemic of sexual harassment and assault in the military. So many women are treated terribly by men. (Men don’t like being pushed out of their traditional roles, and some few of them act in very bad ways. I’m not saying this is right, I’m just saying this happens). This will get FAR worse if women are fighting in combat alongside men.

A third reason why women should not be in combat – if they are taken as POW’s, they will not only be tortured as men are tortured, but the women will also be constantly gang-raped. Men are not likely to be raped while imprisoned, but women are.

There is one other way women are trying to alienate heterosexual men. These women do so by promoting gay and transgender lifestyles with astonishing ferocity. They know that by doing this they are alienating many many heterosexual men.

Most heterosexual men are naturally somewhat, at the very least slightly uncomfortable with homosexual and bisexual men, and even more uncomfortable with men who are trying to be women.. dressing up as women, taking on female names, having their anatomy altered, etc.

Women are more sexual fluid than men are. Women are much more likely to have had at least one same sex experience than men. I think that’s why women are more comfortably with homosexuality and transgenderism.

I’m not making this stuff up. I spent seven years in college. A great deal of that time I was studying psychology and sociology.

What are the effects of women destroying the traditional, societal roles of men?

So many men are just checking out of reality.. abandoning their lives.. refusing to be responsible husbands and fathers, retreating into their man caves, getting lost in sports and violent TV shows, video games and porn. They feel disparaged and lost, like they have no place, no value, no role anymore.

So many men are discouraged, demoralized, alienated. Some feel so bad they are even becoming and have become dangerous.

I think the calculated destruction of men has lead to more domestic abuse, religious radicalization (Islam is the most masculine religion) and has something to do with the marked increase in mass shootings. Mass shootings, with only one recent exception – the killings by a Muslim couple in California – all the rest of the mass shootings have been committed by men.

And I think things will get worse.

Why are so many women trying to eradicate even the notion of traditional families? Maybe some women can answer that question. I’m guessing they are so sick of patriarchy in any and all forms.. but that is only partly why.. other than that, I don’t know.

What are two of the main things the women who take part in marches want?

Unrestricted abortion rights, and promotion of the LGBT community.

Abortion destroys tiny lives, and LGBT families are promoted aggressively in part to break down the model of the traditional family.

There is something only a woman can do, and that is being a mother. But the women who most fully commit to motherhood – those who choose to be stay-at-home moms (those who are financially able to do so), are so often denigrated by other women.

The most noble and most beneficial thing a woman can do is raise good and responsible children. I know not all women are capable of this, and I tend to lean pro-choice sometimes, in part because of this.

I accept that I have conflicting feelings about abortion, and that a very good case can be made for keeping abortion legal. But I am for some restrictions, and I take abortion very very seriously.

I also think Planned Parenthood is a truly evil organization. It was started by a woman named Margaret Sanger, who was a Nazi sympathizer and diehard racist. Also, Planned Parenthood traffics in body parts of aborted fetuses. The organization might not make a profit on the body parts, but it certainly distributes them for various purposes. Does this not trouble you?

If this does not bother you, then why are you troubled by such things as genocide in Africa, and the Nazi Holocaust?

Why are women so astonishingly insensitive about abortion? Don’t they understand what they are doing?

I guess this is what so many women want: Societal upheaval, the right to terminate the lives within them, and sex without consequence (sex without consequence is impossible, by the way).

Do I hate women? Certainly not. Am I troubled and even greatly upset by things that some women are saying and doing? Absolutely. Some women, in the name of progress, are bringing about a great deal of destruction, even if they don’t know that is what they are doing.

Even though I have yet more on my mind, I think I will stop here.

I hope you have realized that I have given all these things a great deal of thought, and that I care deeply about life in this country and the world.

Lastly, I care greatly about free speech. We cannot truly have diversity without disagreement.

We cannot have democracy if people are silenced.

I finally just had to sit down and write. While I still have the right to do so.


I will respond to any genuine comment, but I ask that if you disagree with me, please present your case.

I will not respond to any insults or abuse.

Lastly, please realize that you may be one of the people who has made me feel like I’ve been pushed into a corner because of all your far left rhetoric and memes that you have posted here on facebook.

I also realize you have posted what you have because you’ve felt marginalized and pushed in a corner by heterosexual men, traditional gender roles, societal norms and so forth.

But the pendulum has swung too far. I am not only responding to those in the media, but am responding to you as well.

I too have a voice.

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  1. Dan permalink
    January 28, 2018 9:47 AM

    I really enjoyed this post. I agree with alot of what you said. This post really hit home with me and my thoughts.

    The American women started all this in the 20s and since then have used it to gain power and the upper hand over men.

    The way things have gone with my sibilings has definitely shaped my viewpoint to one like yours. First my sister divorced her husband. I really got along with him but she is a strong willed person and he was a traditional masculine man and they clashed and clashed. The bought a plot of land and built a house. It took them two years to build and they even built a small apartment for my mom in the back. Then they finaly moved in. Things looked great for them they had two boys nearing college age and then 6 months later she just up and decides to divorce him. So they got divorced and my sister then hooked up with some guy she met on the internet who was very unmasculine and who obviously let my sister boss him around and get her way all the time. My brother married an American woman about my age, back in the 80s. I went to his house one day and it was a mess. He apparently worked, bought the food did the cooking and alot of the child care, and on top of it after cooking he had to wash the dishes as well while his wife watched TV. He really loved his young wife and she had obviously used it against him to boss him around while she did very little housework. There was no fairness in this. I didn’t understand how he married someone like this nor why he stayed. Anyways 20 something years later, worn out, stressed and gray haired he finally realized his mistaked and divorced her.

    Myself, growing up I saw how the American women slowly destroyed traditional values of marriage that had been around since our species first ruled the earth. It only took about 40 years of allowing feminism to grow to change the roles of men and women in society. I know the traditional American woman still exists but myself I opted out and decided to marry a foreigner and even went so far as to leave the USA and start a new life in a foreign country speaking a different language. I found a more traditional wife and have been with her for over 25 years. There is no way I would have married an American Woman. I feel very sorry for American men who now have to bow down and let women govern them in their marriages or risk having their wives divorce them.

    I want to add another personal note. My little sister married a man who is wonderfull. He is a hard worker, great provider and great father. After being married for 5 years they bought a house together and spent a great deal of money to have a child via In Vitro fertilization since they had been unsuccessfull at it. After having their baby, my sister became very stressed with being a mother and taking care of her baby. To make a long story short she decided it would be easier on her to just divorce her husband and make him care for the child half of the time, therby giving her back her freedom for 3 or 4 days a week. I will add that most of her friends from childhood have all divorced and some are into the LGBT movement, marching in parades etc. Some of them have become Lesbians as well and it certainly looks like my little sister will as well.

    Myself, I do not regret at all that I married a foreigner.

    • Tom Meninga permalink*
      February 1, 2018 3:31 AM

      What you wrote about your family is shocking – all those divorces and unhappy marriages! I haven’t witnessed these things so closely – more what I’ve read about in the paper, seen online, and so forth.

      Well.. actually.. when I think back long enough into my past, yes, I do remember many people with bad marriages or former marriages. I’m just not as social these days, and so I haven’t noticed this sort of thing in person as often lately.

      There’s a book called “The End of Men and the Rise of Women,” by Hanna Rosin. I didn’t read all of the book, but I read part of it, and a lengthy summary in “The Atlantic” magazine.

      Rosin was fairly objective in the book – not bashing men, but showing societal/financial/cultural trends. Scary stuff.

      There are still many traditional women in America. Almost all of them are religious.

      Christianity, at least the Protestant form, (actually, there are thousands of little forms of Protestant Christianity, but anyway), is and has been getting more and more liberal. But, there are still some church communities that are fairly conservative without being insanely fundamentalist, and there are conservative and fairly traditional women who to go these churches.

      Mormon women also tend to be traditional. I know some of these women. There are more Mormons in Idaho than in any other state besides Utah, and some folks have told me there are more Mormons per capita here than in Utah. Nothing to complain about – they tend to make great neighbors.

      This does not help me though, for it is impossible for me to be religious. I try to be religious and cause myself mental breakdowns, This is no slam against religion, just some issues I have.

      I have met some wonderful women in the past. Almost all of those whom I have liked best were conservative (but not fundamentalist) Protestants. Almost all, even when I was much younger, were unavailable. And one lived overseas with her missionary parents. I met her at a bbq while they were on furlough, but she was going back and also had the same name as my mom, so I didn’t try to keep in contact with her. That would have been beyond weird. She was awesome though. We talked for quite awhile.

      I believe it is true that, for the most part, almost all of the good women really are taken. The good ones my age (I’m 45) – mostly have been married to their husbands for probably two decades.

      Online dating has been really terrible. I’m somewhat conservative about sex. I don’t need to be married to have sex, but do want to be in a committed relationship.

      Almost every woman I ever went out with who I’d met online wanted to sleep with me on the second or third date. I’m not particularly handsome, this is just how they were. One expected to take me to bed after just having coffee with me. No thank you.

      I haven’t dated in years. It’s very discouraging, and much more discouraging these days, as I see how so many women act, and learn about what they believe.

      It’s a catastrophe for everyone, I think, especially for the kids

      Just one example : back in 2000, I was working as an in-class assistant and tutor at an elementary school. One of the teachers got pregnant by her husband, had her baby, took her five weeks maternity leave, put her infant child in day care and went back to work.

      I was appalled. This is NOT how kids should be raised!!

      So many married women can afford to stay at home and be full-time moms if they want to. Consumerist culture and feminism greatly discourage this. Some couples are even in financially worse shape because both parents work, and the kids are in day care. Insane.

      I have been thinking off and on about moving to a foreign country, but I don’t have the resources. I don’t know where I’d go. I’m mostly interested in various parts of Asia or perhaps Latin or South America.

      My aunt has a friend whose son moved to Indonesia for work. He met and married a woman there, became a Muslim, and is doing well, as far as I know. He and his wife have been married a long time.

      I have a friend who is a conservative Christian. He and has wife and kids have been living in Indonesia for 17 years. I think he’s got a good wife. A few of my other male friends and relatives – all of these guys I’m thinking of are fairly conservative Protestants – married well. They all have multiple children and some have wives who stay at home and home-school the kids. College-educated women choosing to do this.

      My cousin and his wife have 8 kids, and the kids are amazing – smart and very well-behaved. They haven’t been home-schooled except for a few years each, but their mom is a stay at home mom. A friend has 6 kids, and his wife, a former teacher, is home-schooling the kids.

      I know some Catholic couples here in Boise – great traditional families.

      I don’t have much hope for the younger generation though. People in their teens and 20’s right now. The children who have parents my age – kids in their early teens to early twenties – these kids have been indoctrinated by the radial left for so long. I guess there is hope for some of the religious ones. My niece is 15. Religious, a wise kid. I respect her. Almost all her friends at school are from dysfunctional families and broken homes though.

      I really don’t see a solution, or society turning around. There’s still hope for some though, I suppose, but for the most part..

      I watched a documentary some years ago on youtube. There was a segment about there being several eras to an empire. Each era had certain characteristics. And each empire eventually fell. The last era was the age of decadence – characterized by an obsession with sex, violence, and food, with promotion of homosexuality. Here we are.

      I still like women in general, but when I think about what some of them stand for and believe, and how some of them act, my stomach churns. Also, almost all of the women who are within 10 years of my age are divorced, and so many of them are single moms.

      Some of them are good women, I’m sure, but I’ve never wanted to be a parent, not crazy about the idea of being a step-parent (although I am perhaps somewhat open to this), and not wanting the kids’s dad to still be around.

      I might be single for.. who knows how long. Best not to think about it.

      I’d originally put this post on facebook. Surprisingly, a few people actually have read my previous lengthy essays on fb, and some have left thoughtful comments. But this time, not so much. – Many of my facebook friends are quite liberal. At least I didn’t get any hateful comments. Although often liberal, my facebook friends are almost all nice.

      I’m kind of a creative type, and tend to at least somewhat enjoy the company of artists and musicians (or at least, I have in the past) – and people who are into less common religions like Buddhism and Wicca – but I don’t fit in with these people all that well – one reason being I am too conservative. And I’m not very conservative in some ways.

      It can be a very lonely world.


      I am truly sorry to read about your family. Very shocking.

      I am also quite glad you have been married for quite a long time and are doing well.

      Would you mind letting me know which country you moved to? Women in many parts of the world are still traditional.. but again, this often coincides with them being religious.


      Thanks very much for your comment. I appreciate it.

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