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Life Inside and Outside a Box.

February 23, 2018

I don’t want to be in a box, because I want to be able to open boxes and look inside. I cannot do this while I’m in a box.

This thought is my paraphrase of a quote from Jordan B. Peterson, a psychologist and philosopher.

If I were strongly progressive, conservative, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, etc., then I would have trouble peering into other boxes and examining the contents inside. My vision would be blocked by the insides, the walls, of whatever box I’d be in.

I was in a Christian box for over two decades, but had to exit that box for a variety of reasons.

I’ve jumped into other boxes in the past, but had to jump back out. I can’t handle being in a box.

There’s a serious, even terrible downside to not being in a box. Not being in a box makes for a very lonely existence.

There’s plenty of company inside a box.

To be honest, my life would probably be better if I were in a box. And liked being in a box.

My first statement of this post is not my full story. It is true, but only partially true.

The other part: I cannot be in a box, even if I try. And this, at times, really does not feel good.

I wonder if Jordan Peterson feels this way.


Jordan B. Peterson is a psychologist, career researcher, distinguished professor, and philosopher.

He is also my personal hero, and a guide for millions of people – leading us to meaning in this post-modern, nihilistic time.

Here is one of his lectures:


And here is his youtube channel:

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