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Reasons I dislike “The Shape of Water,” and why you might want to avoid seeing it.

March 7, 2018

“The Shape of Water” won best picture and three other Oscars.

I suggest you avoid seeing it unless you like to watch:

1. Two scenes of a woman masturbating in a bath tub.
2. Full frontal nudity of the same woman as she is seconds away from voluntarily having sex with a humanoid sea monster. We also see them in a passionate embrace.
3. A psychotic man fondling his wife’s breast, then vigorously humping her, while his wounded, gangrenous hand is bleeding on her. She tells him she doesn’t want him bleeding on her while they are having sex, but he tells her he insists on her silence, and keeps going. Since she tells him she doesn’t like what he is doing, and he doesn’t stop, this is rape, I think.

There’s also scenes of graphic, bloody violence and cruelty, including torture of the monster, and one man torturing another.

Octavia Spencer portraying yet another cliched, sassy, oppressed black woman – third time I’ve seen her play this part, does she know how to do anything else? At least “The Help” and “Hidden Figures” were worth watching.

An oppressed and dominated black man, so intimidated and emasculated by the white male villain that the black man betrays his wife.

Of course, there is a token likeable, long-suffering, heroic homosexual in this film. It is apparently against the law not to have such a character in pretty much all films and television programs – even cooking shows.

And a heavy-handed message about racism, cruelty to animals, white male oppression, and homophobia.. being bad. Just in case you forgot.

Wow, this is a very politically correct movie!

The only reason the filmmaker does not get an A+ for political correctness is he forgot to include a horrible, blatantly Christian character – bonus points if the character is a Catholic priest.

Although the villain does not mention Christ, he does spend some time talking about God. Perhaps we are to assume the villain is a Christian?

Many of you will like or already do like this film. I figure if the content in “Game of Thrones” and so many other intensely graphic shows and movies doesn’t piss you off, then not much will. Except possibly me.

Well.. it’s really no wonder “The Shape of Water” won best picture.

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