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“A Quiet Place” sucked!!

April 10, 2018

Saw that film just a few hours ago. Made a mistake believing the immense hype and rave reviews.

Ok then..  some things I take issue with..

No explanation of what the monsters are or why they are on earth or how they got there.

The monsters look a bit too much like the critters from seasons 1 & 2 of “Stranger Things.”

The movie is surprisingly (I should say mercifully) short.

The ending is really bad.

The concept was good.  I hate when films with good concepts turn out bad.

Was it a complete loss?

No. The acting was good – even the kids did a better than adequate job.  The cinematography was also done well.

But this movie could have been so much more.. so much better.

Want to see monsters going after people? Skip “A Quiet Place,”  and instead re-watch pretty much any of the Jurassic Park films (especially the first one) as well as “Aliens” (one of the best action films ever), or both seasons of “Stranger Things.”

Good thing I went on cheap day, and also had a free ticket.  Only spent $5.50 on tickets for two people.

Alright then.. you’ve been warned.

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