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“Ready Player One” – Awesome!! (Mostly)

April 23, 2018

I read a bad review of this film, so I had low expectations.

I’m not even a gamer, but.. Guess what? I loved the movie!

(I haven’t read the novel, so I can’t comment on how the film relates to the novel, except that my 13 year-old nephew thought the story in the film was better than the story in the book).

Hardly anyone famous in the cast.. which was cool.  I like seeing new faces sometimes. Also cool to see Simon Pegg, who is a huge sci-fi nerd. And the creepy dude who was the villain in “Rogue One.”

Never seen any of the kids before, and they were great!

The animation and special effects were amazing, even by today’s standards. I REALLY wish I’d seen the film in 3D. I saw it with my brother and two of his kids. I forgot he doesn’t like to pay three extra dollars per ticket to see movies in 3D. Bummer.

I’ll wait ’til the movie arrives at the discount theater, then I will watch it in 3D. That’s what I do if I’ve already seen a great movie with a whole lot of spectacle at a regular price, but not in 3D. I previously went to the discount theater to see, for a second time, the third Star Trek reboot, and the third Thor film. (Loved both of those, especially “Thor: Ragnarok,” which I think is one of Marvel’s best movies).

There are tons of pop culture references in “Ready Player One.” And some great music. I’m over 40. People my age and older will appreciate the references and music. The movie started with one of my all-time favorite songs, “Jump,” by my favorite band, Van Halen! A strange song to choose as a film opener, though, considering the movie is rather bleak at the beginning. But otherwise, “Jump” works well for the film (and especially the trailer). The song being about taking risks.. “might as well jump!”

I liked the plot, the acting, the characters, the visuals. All awesome.

One thing quite sobering though: It’s possible, even likely, that life in America and other parts of the industrialized world,  some years from now, is going to look and be much like it is depicted in the film.

Parental advisory.. just a bit of swearing, the main female character (in animated form) is in a sexy dress, and there is some heavy gore, surprisingly. Did they have to pick a segment from one of only three films that have badly scared me in the past?

No, I won’t mention which film. I want you to be surprised. If you are quite a bit younger than I am, unless you are a fan of older horror films, you probably haven’t seen it.

One other thing I want to mention.. I hope, after watching this movie, you don’t feel inspired to watch a previous Spielberg sci-fi film, “A.I.” Although fairly well-made, that movie is astonishingly depressing. Skip it, please!

If you are into movies about aliens, watch Spielberg’s classic “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Just keep in mind it was released back in 1977, the same year the original “Star Wars” was in theaters. The special effects in both films were astounding for that time, which was before the age of computer graphics.

So anyway.. as long as you aren’t bringing along little kids.. go see this movie!!




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