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Love, Simplicity, Beauty, and a Dream..

April 24, 2018

Love can be simple. I don’t know this from experience, and maybe I never will..

But I had this dream.. I’ll write what I can remember..

I tend to wake up slowly, and sometimes I can remember a little of what I’ve been dreaming.

In a dream I had today, I was a kid. Probably 10 years old. I’d never been a kid in a dream before, not since I was a kid.

In my dream, I had immense confidence, a very strong presence, and an unclouded, very simple and direct mind. I’ve never felt that way in my life.

There was a cute little girl, close to my age, in the dream. She had light brown hair, which was thick and wavy. I remember her wearing a blue t shirt and denim shorts. She did not look quite like any girl I remember meeting in the waking world, back when I was young.

She was a very sweet girl, with a beautiful spirit, very feminine, and vulnerable. Also, a little sad, and worried. I did not know why.

I did know, with absolute certainty, that I she was the one for me, and I for her. For always.

And I said, “Yes.”

She had not asked a question, verbally. I somehow understood her, without her having to speak.

What did I mean? Yes to what?

Yes, she and I would be best friends, fall in love, get married, and live our lives together. We’d have good times and some tough times, and we would not always get along. But we’d share a very deep love, and love and our lives together would be wonderful. Golden. Into our golden years. And I would take care of her.

She didn’t say anything in return, but I had this clear understanding that she said yes, too. She accepted.

That night, we shared a bunk bed. She was on top, I on the bottom. I’m guessing we were in her room, and she was on the top bunk because this was her room, and the top bunk was where she slept. The bottom bunk was usually empty.

I felt quite comfortable on the bottom bunk. Almost asleep. I don’t know why we were sleeping in the same room. I had no context.. were our parents friends? How did she and I know each other? I don’t know. I had the sense we hadn’t known each other long. I think we’d just met that afternoon.

I could hear a woman talking. I had an image of a somewhat attractive but troubled woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes, in her late 20’s or early 30’s. She was concerned about something. I could tell she was talking with her husband, who had dark brown hair, although the man did not speak. These were the parents of the girl, and they were talking in the kitchen, which was down the hall from the room we were in.

I could not hear what the adults were saying, but I could tell they were talking about their daughter. I felt that the parents didn’t get along very well, and things were not good.

They were talking about us, the girl and I, but I was not worried. I knew they could not come between me and the girl. But I somehow felt the man didn’t much like his daughter, their only child. He was not actively abusive, but not a very kind person either. And the mom was not especially kind or attentive. Too worn out or stressed.

I could hear the girl crying about something. Something to do with her parents. Perhaps, also, something to do with her future. It can be a tough thing to know, at age 10, that you’ve just met the person you will later marry, and spend the rest of your life with.

Even with a wonderful life to look forward to, as she understood.. it’s still something to be that young, and know your future.

I climbed out of bed and stood on my bunk. I rested my arms on her bunk, so that I could see her.

I said, “Don’t worry. I’m here.”

She stopped crying, and she felt better.

That was the end of the dream.

What a powerful thing.. to somehow know the future, and that our future, overall, would be good. Very very good. Lovely.

Wouldn’t life be immeasurably better if all of us who desire love, marriage, and being with only one person, met our significant other at age 10, became best friends, had a relationship during adolescence, later got married, stayed together, grew old together, and shared a truly wonderful, beautiful life?

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