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Always Look For Pedestrians.

July 20, 2018

Always look for pedestrians. Always.

About 15 minutes ago, I almost killed two people.

I was not looking for pedestrians.

I was driving down 5 Mile Rd., and had pulled into the left turn lane, ready to turn onto Edna St., where I live.

I looked at the head lights of an oncoming car in the opposite lane. I figured I could make the turn safely, but I’d have to hit the gas, and do it fast.

I didn’t feel comfortable about doing that.

I am a very cautious, slow driver by nature.

It was only then, after deciding not to make the quick turn, that I saw an older woman and a little boy walking slowly down 5 Mile, in the Edna crosswalk.

They would have been in the EXACT spot where I would have turned, had I turned, and I would have been making a fast turn.

My mind made the unconscious assumption that no one would be walking across the crosswalk at 10:30 pm.

But other parts of my mind did other things.

There was the thought – better not make the turn – just wait until the car passes.

And something stranger. A few blocks before I got to the turn lane, the phrase, “a freak occurrence” came to my mind. I did not know why.

There must be good angels out there.. or.. something.

Right now, if I’d made a different choice, one or more of those two people would likely be dead, and I’d soon find myself in handcuffs, and rightfully charged with manslaughter.

Had I been drinking? No. Not impaired at all.

But that would not have mattered at all.

So.. I am extremely grateful to.. whoever.. that I was somehow able to make the right decision..

Even though I did not look for pedestrians.

Always look for pedestrians. Always.

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