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An odd memory…

September 1, 2018

Going through some random memories. Happened upon a strange one. I don’t know why.

I am a very light drinker, and haven’t had any alcohol in about two weeks. But I’ve been wanting some unfiltered sake, so I bought some today, and less than an hour ago, had two small glasses. And I’m tired. So..

The year.. 1997? The place.. my hometown, which I still miss almost every day, a city called Modesto, in the Central Valley of California. (I’ve been living in Boise, Idaho, for many years – a wonderful city, but I still miss Modesto).

Picture this.. two dudes, both straight, but you would not know that by looking at them.

One is sitting down on the steps of a small clubhouse at a driving range, where people spend lots of money to whack little dimpled white balls far distances, using narrow clubs.

The guy on the steps is dressed normally for summer, except for his hat. He’s wearing shorts, a t-shirt, Converse Chucks, and a big, puffy blue top hat.

There is another guy. He has black hair, styled in a way that would make Robert Smith, the lead singer of The Cure, envious.

He’s pale, skinny, wearing black makeup, an old fashioned white blouse, and a stylish black skirt, which is about a hundred years out of style. And these are not his girlfriend’s clothes. He is squatting down to apply black lipstick to the guy sitting on the steps.

Why? The guy on the steps is not wearing enough black makeup. Duh.

Why the makeup and so forth? The guy applying the makeup is the lead singer of a local goth band called Healthy Morbidity. The guy on the steps is in a few moments to be playing bass guitar in the band, even though he really doesn’t know how to play bass guitar. Luckily, he just has to play a few notes per song, and look darkly weird. Or darkly silly.

After sufficient makeup is applied, the guys join two others, inside the tiny clubhouse, and they perform a few songs, for almost no one, except a few skater kids, who are confused, though, thankfully, not violent, and who are awaiting the next band.

This is the only gig the guy on the steps plays, because the singer, who is very easy to get along with, lives in the Bay Area most of the time, and is not around to keep peace with his bandmates.

The drummer is a friendly person, with a very slight case of cerebral palsy, in one of his hands. This, surprisingly, does not affect his playing.

The keyboard player is a total jerk, to put it mildly, and he is the reason the one-time bass player does not continue to perform with the band.

I was the guy on the steps.

No big story here, just an odd memory. Haven’t thought about that moment in years. A strange experience. Especially the part with the guy in drag putting lipstick and other makeup on my face.

This is a fond memory. I smile and chuckle when I think about it.

The ’90’s.. interesting times.

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