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Politics and Attachment to Views.

May 28, 2019

I remember a Buddhist teaching, and I’m not sure if I’m getting it exactly right here, but it has to do with avoiding having opinions. Peace can be found when one does not have attachments, including “attachments to views.”

I know that this will seem like sticking one’s head in the sand, but perhaps having a lack of attachment to views and opinions will be the only way for me to be psychologically healthy, considering how I am faced every day with staggeringly different and conflicting political views.

I am a very very sensitive person. I often get quite upset by progressives and about progressivism, even though I agree with progressives about some things. I am, in some ways, an old-fashioned conservative at heart.

I do not consider Trump to be an old-fashioned conservative, and even though I have agreed with a few of the decisions he has made since being elected, I chose not to vote for him, because even before he was elected, I found him to be appalling, and likely unfit for service. I felt that way about Hillary as well, but in the end, chose to vote for her, because she scared me just a little bit less than Trump did.

I think the far left progressives are dangerous, and I think Trump is dangerous as well. And I get upset about both political parties.

I already have difficulty with severe anxieties about unrelated things that I am dealing with. I don’t need to stress about politics, too.

In years past, I studied Buddhism off and on for quite a while, but encountered several teachings which caused me great distress, and I felt unable to continue in my Buddhist studies, or become a Buddhist. However, some Buddhist and other eastern teachings still remain in my mind and heart – teachings from Buddhism and Taoism.

Maybe I shall try to do a very un-American thing, and refuse to take a side or to hold strong political views and opinions. Perhaps for me, that is a way to be at least somewhat sane.

I have for many years believed that good and goodness are not to be found in politicians or political parties. Goodness is to be found and cultivated within each of us, regardless of our views on politics, and on other issues.

So, the thing to do is refuse to allow myself to be paralyzed by fear and internal conflict, and instead roll up my sleeves and get to work doing some things that are simply good.

Cleaning the kitchen, making art, sharing beautiful photographs of nature, taking my dog for a walk. Doing these things with faith that I am not only making my own life better, but also blessing others as well.

I can do these things without taking a stand on any sort of issue. These are simply good things to do, and when we do simple, good things, we all make the world better, regardless of what we think, or believe, or stand for.

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