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iPhone 11 Pro: Camera Zoom Test: 1/1/20: Northwest Boise: 4 Images.

January 1, 2020

I don’t usually go for any top of the line product, but the battery in my iPhone 5s has finally been wearing down and it was time to get a new phone.

After doing a lot of research, I bought an iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB storage ($999). This, along with the Max version of the 11 Pro ($1,099), the larger version (too big for me) is the newest iPhone model. I bought the 11 Pro this past Thursday.

3 cameras built into these phones! I take a LOT of pictures, and love Apple products. (As I mentioned in my previous post, I do not make any movie by positively or negatively writing about a product). Luckily, this phone is within my budget.. just barely. I have a no interest credit card, and can pay off the phone in less than a year.

Ok.. the pictures.. I did not enhance the photos, or use any filters, etc. Just tested out the wide angle (0.5x) and the zoom (10x).

I took the photos on the east side of the State of Idaho Chinden Campus, located on the border of Boise and Garden City, ID. (Garden City is a small town completely surrounded by the city limits of Boise, which I find odd, but anyway).

The church you will see in the second image is just barely visible in the first image. Look straight down the middle, in between the trees. It is not only behind the trees in the distance, but across the road.



And here are two shots of an apartment complex across the road, (which is across from the field) with the Boise foothills behind it:



Ok.. a bit pixelated yeah.. but I took these pictures using a phone!! 

Pretty damn impressive, I think.


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