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The Covers: III – “Summertime Blues.”

March 31, 2020

Alright, for this one, the original, and two covers! Admittedly, the two covers are somewhat similar, but I’m going to post them both anyway.

Last blog post was “Bargain,” a song originally recorded by The Who, and covered by Rez.

This time, one of the covers is by The Who..

But first..

The original.

Before I get to it though, I just want to write that this series I’ve recently embarked on is a learning experience. For example, I have found some songs I thought were originals were actually covers. Also, I’ve been looking up the release dates of the songs, and learning more about recording artists.

Ok then.. I was watching a music documentary a little while ago – wish I could remember which one, but I watch a lot of music content online – and learned that “Summertime Blues” was originally recorded in 1958 by Eddie Cochran..

According to Wikipedia, Cochran was an American-born studio pioneer and multi-instrumentalist. Died less than 24 hours after a being in a single car accident in England, right after playing a gig. Reckless cab driver was at the wheel. Cochran was the only person in the car to die from the accident. He passed away on Easter Sunday, 1960. He was 21.

Here is Cochran’s “Summertime Blues.”


This song has been covered A LOT.

I’m picking the other two versions I’ve already heard of this one.

First cover for this post is probably the heaviest of all versions,  (besides the last one in this post) ..  and was featured on the first album by Blue Cheer, a band from San Francisco. Their album had a fake-Latin title called “Vincebus Eruptem,” and was recorded in 1967. The record was released in early 1968.

Here is Blue Cheer:


And now for the version I heard first.. this one, by The Who.

Which band first performed “Summertime Blues?” I don’t know! The Who was playing it as early as 1967.. same year Blue Cheer recorded this song..

Here is The Who, from the Monterey Pop Festival in California, 1967. Same concert where Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire..  I wonder who first started destroying instruments on stage, Hendrix or The Who?

Anyway… a phenomenal performance.. of course..


Those guys sure had fun!

Next post.. Roger Daltrey.. a surprise solo recording that sounds pretty much nothing like The Who..

Bonus video..

Want more of Monterey Pop?

Here ya go!


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