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The NCAA, Transgender Athletes, Economic Sanctions, and Totalitarianism.

June 16, 2020
Almost all my posts are apolitical. My goal is to submit images and words that are of benefit to all.
However, on rare occasions, I read something in the paper that pisses me off so much that I feel a strong need to write about what I have read.
If you wish to comment, please do me the courtesy of reading this entire essay and thinking about what I have written before you leave a comment. Thank you.
My essay concerns the NCAA, transgender athletes, economic sanctions, and totalitarianism.
But first, some definitions are in order:
Girl/Woman – a female human being with a genuine vagina, ovaries, and etc. who was born female.
Trans-woman – a male human being with a penis and testicles, etc., who may or may not have had his genitalia voluntarily amputated, and who may or may not have had breast implants, or taken estrogen shots in an attempt to make “herself” more feminine. This person was born a male human being, but suffers from a serious mental disorder, sometimes called Gender Identity Disorder, and believes he is a she, but is not actually a she.
Boy/Man – a male human being with a penis and testicles, and the male plumbing that goes along with these body parts, who was born male.
Trans-man – A female human being with a genuine vagina, ovaries, etc. who may or may not have had her breasts surgically removed, and who may or may not be taking testosterone shots in an attempt to be more masculine. This person incorrectly identifies as male, has a serious mental disorder, and was born female.
Does everyone understand? If so, good. If not, go back and re-read the previous paragraphs as many times as necessary until you understand.
Now, the article I read today, Tuesday, June 16, 2020, in the Idaho Press, a local paper published in Nampa, ID.
It is important to know at least the core of what the article is about, and so I will type up the first part of it here:
Headline: “Anti-transgender law puts sports revenue at state.”
(The headline should read “Anti-transgender law puts sports revenue at stake.” But anyway..)
“Idaho’s anti-transgender sports law goes into effect July 1. But already the state risks losing millions of dollars as advocates call for an NCAA boycott.
The soon-to-be law bans transgender women and girls from competing on sports teams that align with their gender identity.
Athletes and rights groups are demanding the NCAA move its national basketball tournament and other college competitions from Boise next year. That would deal a further blow to businesses in an ailing economy.
‘That is one of our larger economic impact events for sure,’ said Carrie Westergard, director of the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau.
She says when March Madness came to Boise in 2018 it brought $15 million to the state. The tournament games accounted for about 2,000 hotel nights. On top of that, those thousands of visitors are going out for dinner and drinks.
If the tournament happens on schedule, it could boost a service industry hit hard by COVID-19 restrictions.
‘We definitely do not want to lose business like the NCAA that has a huge impact on our community.'”
Leftist activists want to impose economic sanctions on Boise and the rest of the state by banning NCAA events here, and costing the city and the state of Idaho millions of dollars because a state law was passed to ban “girls and women” from being on girls’ and women’s teams, and ban “boys and men” from being on boys’ and men’s teams.
Why do I have a problem with transpersons being on teams whose gender they identify with?
Consider this possiblity: A “woman,” who is, in actuality, a man, who stands 6’9″, and weighs 220 pounds – all muscle – is allowed to play on a women’s basketball team. Let’s say this individual is not only an actual man, but someone who is exceptionally skilled at basketball. This person will dominate the sport, and give the team “she” is on a decidedly unfair advantage over teams who have only women athletes.
Not only that, but this “woman” will break all sports records for the team, and receive a woman’s scholarship – thereby denying a scholarship to someone who is a genuine woman.
Also, this “woman” will likely be allowed to change clothes and perhaps even shower with real women.
In order to remain competitive, other teams will have to find other “women” to join their rosters. More and more “women” will be on the teams, and less and less real women will play. And more and more trans-women will win athletic scholarships meant for real women.
Is this fair? No, it is absurd. And especially unfair to female athletes who are genuinely female.
Now, let us consider a woman who is a trans-man, playing on a male sports team, and changing clothes and showering in the men’s locker room. A small minority of male athletes in this country are terrible people. They are both able and willing to abuse and rape this tran-man, who is in fact a woman.
And a trans-woman, who is a man, has ample opportunity to damage women, if this person is allowed full access to a women’s locker room.
You may argue that the Idaho law discriminates against transgender athletes. But the law protects genuinely male and female athletes from being discriminated against. This law also aims at preventing abuse.
The Idaho congress recently passed this law to ensure that the vast majority of athletes, who are genuinely female and male, are protected, and to attempt to make sure the playing field is truly as level as possible.
But activists do not want this. They care most about furthering the cause of the LGBT
community (and whatever letters and symbols you want to add after so as to be inclusive.. I have sometimes seen LGBTQ+ and other designations), no matter who else is a victim. Even if they inadvertently put members of this community at risk of abuse.
These activists even want to punish not only of the city of Boise, but the state of Idaho by denying incredibly important revenue.
This is totalitarian ideology put into practice. That is, if the boycott actually happens.
Such a thing has already happened. Here is the rest of the article:
“The NCAA pulled tournament games from North Carolina for a law that forced transgender people to use bathrooms that did not align with their identity. The state legislature then repealed the bill.
Representative Barbara Ehardt is the Idaho Falls Republican who sponsored the Idaho law. She maintains the law is meant to protect female athletes and wouldn’t say whether the financial hit would be worthwhile if the NCAA pulled competitions from the state.
‘It’s disappointing because particularly looking at the women on this letter, these women benefited, absolutely, from Title IX,’ she said.
Title IX is a law mandating equal treatment of men and women in education.
The Idaho Attorney General’s Office has warned the new law may violate the Constitution’s Equal Protection clause. And the ACLU has sued the state, saying the law is unconstitutional.
The NCAA is reviewing whether the law violates its anti-discrimination policies.”
Unconstitutional? Seriously? If interpreted this way, the Equal Protection clause can eventually be applied to.. anyone.. regardless of what kind of destructive disorder a person has.. regardless of what horrible things a person wants to do. This goes way beyond sports!
To quote a line from a song I heard long ago, “If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.”
We are on a very slippery slope, and haven’t nearly reached the bottom.
 support the anti-transgender law, and I support keeping sports for actual girls and women and actual boys and men. This might not stop “progress,” but at least it will make a positive difference for student athletes, and stand against the madness of the leftist agenda and politically correct society.
Woe to those who oppose the left. Especially when lots of money is at stake.
Will Idaho cave and repeal the law, so as to keep our city and state economy from being severely crippled?
We shall see.
But we have already seen totalitarianism in action. And we shall soon see more and more of this in America.
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  1. cyclop5 permalink
    June 21, 2020 2:01 PM

    Isn’t this quite extreme and unfair to call those people seriously mentally ill? Wikipedian definition: “Gender dysphoria (GD) is the distress a person feels due to a mismatch between their gender identity and their sex assigned at birth.” I usually like your posts, maybe thanks to the actual and usual apoliticalness, but I don’t personally have any problem with LGBT people and can’t see how this leads to totalitarianism (maybe you could elaborate further on this matter). In fact, most of the usual tyrants such as bolsheviks or soviets are against similar progression and social adjustments.

    • Tom Meninga permalink*
      June 25, 2020 10:51 PM

      Imagine I have a strongly delusional belief that I am a man who only has one arm. I only have my left arm, and do not have my right arm, so I believe. I believe in this identity so strongly that i find a surgeon to cut off my right arm so that my physical body matches that of my identity.

      Sounds insane, yes?

      Now imagine a man who believes so much he is a woman that he finds a surgeon to amputate his penis and testicles, so that his physical body will more match his identity, Even though of course this “sexual re-assignment surgery” does not make him a real woman – science cannot implant a uterus and ovaries inside a man’s body and make them function. Neither can any surgeon put a real vagina into a man..

      Next, consider a woman who so strongly believes she is a man that she starts taking massive amounts of testosterone, and finds a surgeon to amputate her breasts.

      Seriously mentally ill?


      You might be thinking.. “but.. many, if not most transpersons do not have surgery..”

      Correct.. The illness is on a spectrum. Some transpersons do not feel strongly enough about their identity to choose surgery.

      But delusion is delusion, and truth is truth.

      And by truth, I mean objective truth, not relative truth. A person with a penis and testicles and so forth is male. A person with a vagina, breasts, and so forth is female. Doesn’t matter how the person feels, or what that person identifies as.

      Now.. to your next point… as long as we don’t discuss politics, I get along with LGBT people just fine. They don’t know my strong opinions. I don’t go around ranting. I just finally felt I needed to do some writing about this issue.

      Frankly though, people on the far left have no qualms about loudly broadcasting their strong opinions, so I should not feel bad about talking about mine.. It’s just that being so politically incorrect can be hazardous to one’s health. People are dangerous out there. I might be attacked by some Antifa nutcase with a hammer. Who knows.

      But no, I don’t hate anyone. In person, I do my best to treat everyone with respect and kindness. Some people get on my nerves over time – certain straight people I know who will not shut up about their politics.. so I avoid those people as best I can.

      How does what I wrote about in the post lead to totalitarianism? Totalitarianism is the control over people. Control held by the government. And, I would say, with the media being complicit. Controlling what people do, what people say, etc.

      The Democratic party is against free speech. They want to stop people from saying things contrary to what is politically correct. They want to prevent pastors from condemning homosexuality. I could go on and on here..

      Activists who are trying to punish the City of Boise and State of Idaho think the same way. They want to force Idaho to change its law.

      Not only activists, but the government is getting involved in punishing Boise and our state. The government of the State of California just issued a proclamation that no California state funds would be used to send college sports teams, debate teams, etc. to Idaho.

      This will limit collegiate competition. California universities with football teams that play Boise State will have to come up with private funds to make the trip out here so the teams can play. No funds usually used for transportation can be put into use, because the government of California is punishing the government of Idaho.

      Economic sanction is a form of force. A side takes a political stance and then uses tactics like this.. it is obvious to me what these people want, and how they will act once in power.

      It is about control.

      Any form of government, whether far left or far right can be totalitarian, and in different ways. It doesn’t have to specifically be about sexuality and gender identity.

      Yes, you are correct. The tyrants of the recent past have been against homosexuality and so forth, And that is true today. But they still want a totalitarian system.

      It is possible to be against progressivism and still be a repressive and oppressive government.

      A tyrant is a tyrant, regardless of ideology.

      I’m glad you like my other posts. I don’t plan on writing much about politics. But dammit some things need to be challenged. I probably will write a political post once in awhile. I have an idea for another one already..

      But mostly, if I get back into writing again at least semi-regularly, I will probably write more about music, and continue my cover songs series.

      — .

      Thanks for your comment.

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