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Tobias Forge, Ghost, and Satan.

June 2, 2022

I feel somewhat hesitant in writing this post. I’m genuinely concerned about this band. I’m not worried about what I write being mocked. I expect that. Expressing concerns of a spiritual nature when writing about music or a band, rock star etc. opens oneself to ridicule. That’s alright, and not something I am concerned about.

My concern is that you will listen to the songs I present later in the post, the lyrics will get into your head, and your life will somehow become worse. Regardless of whether or not there is a literal Satan, I think songs associated with or about or written to Satan can have a negative spirit or energy associated with them that can do us harm.

And maybe there is a literal Satan.

Tobias Forge, the singer, songwriter, and leader of the Swedish hard rock and metal band Ghost, believes in a literal Satan. He’s said this in interview clips, which you can find below.

What do you think of Satan?

If you are a Christian, you believe Satan is the ultimate enemy, created by God, fallen, the prince of this world, the ultimate evil, who wants to cause misery, kill, and bring all souls to hell.

If you are not a Christian, you might think of Satan as a symbol, but not real. Or you might believe that Satan is real, and worth following.

If you don’t believe in Satan, then you probably are not at all alarmed by any Satanic songs, including the ones I will present later in this post, nor will you be troubled by the words of Tobias Forge.

Why am I writing about Forge and his band?

Am I a Christian?

Do I believe in Satan?

I’m a Christian who struggles a great deal with his faith, and sometimes doesn’t even have any, except for some deep within me.

Do I believe in the literal Satan?


Why am I writing about Ghost?

Because of the leader of the band, Tobias Forge, who is a unique kind of Satanist, presents a very accessible, catchy form of Satanism. Songs of praise to the devil that are easy to sing along to. A song about inviting Satan into your life to be your companion.

Why do I think this is a problem?

Even when I have difficulty believing in Jesus and a literal Satan, I do believe in beings that could be called demons, I suppose. Negative entities that really are out there and can and do harm us.

I suppose if I were not a believer in such beings, I think I would still believe in forms of negative energy. I believe that there is positive energy that can be tapped into, and negative energy.

If I just believed in energy this way, I would not think of Satan as a real being, but still would not be into anything Satanic, because I would associate Satan with negative energy that could make my life worse.

I would not think this way if I were an atheist. Must be nice not to believe in any sort of spiritual evil. Then the music and Satanic philosophy of Tobias Forge and his band would be something I would not find troubling.

And then I could enjoy the music. Perhaps that is what you are able to do.

But I think evil is out there.. spiritual evil.. and sometimes do believe in a literal Satan, and his demonic legions.

I also think that it is possible to invite evil influence into our lives, in a variety of ways.

How to invite evil?

By exposing ourselves to evil in the form of entertainment, and thereby darkening our hearts.. making ourselves just a little worse.. bit by bit, over time. Should we just stick with positive entertainment? No, but I think there’s a line that can be crossed. It can be difficult to know where the line is, perhaps, but it is there.

In my opinion, especially violent movies and shows can be destructive, and also films and programs that are pornographic. Those that blend pornography and violence together are especially bad, because the brain gets wired up to associate sexuality with violence. And I think watching pornography invites evil, too.

I think listening to certain music can invite evil. I’ve listened to a LOT of metal over the years, including some negative, evil music, and I suppose I’ve absorbed a lot of darkness, a lot of negative energy. But I’ve mostly steered clear of blatantly Satanic bands.. mostly.

I’ve occasionally had a weakness for Satanic music that sounds really really good, so I’ve listened a bit to Dimmu Borgir, from Norway, and to Ghost. That band has some amazing songs, I have to admit.

But I’m especially troubled about this band. Forge has found a way to make Satanic music and lyrics appealing in a way that no band has done since the 1990’s, when Marylin Manson was hugely successful.

There is a big difference between Forge and Manson though. Manson did not talk about Satan like Forge talks and writes about Satan – as being his spiritual guide and master. Forge has penned many songs of praise to the devil. Manson did not do this, but rather created a concept album, called “Antichrist Superstar,” which was a story about the Antichrist as rock star who gains his power through musical fame and influence.

Manson was not an evangelist for Satan, but Forge is.

And his music is getting more mainstream attention. This band is huge, and becoming more popular. They even won a Grammy in 2016 for best metal performance, and in 2019 for best rock album.

So yeah.. this band has influence.

What about Forge? Is he someone to be concerned about?

What sort of a Satanist is he? Is he a Satanist at all?

Depends on your definition.

He’s not a follower of Anton LaVey, the author of the Satanic Bible, and founder of the Church of Satan. Laveyan Satanists for the most part claim not to believe in a literal devil, but rather claim to be athiests, and see Satan as the ultimate symbol of freedom, debauchery, etc.

Forge is also not the nutcase Satanist who not only believes in Satan as one’s personal deity but who robs graves, carves up cats, people, etc.

But Forge really does believe Satan is real. Satan is his god.

In some of these interview, the leader of the band, Forge, talks about Satan being a “faithful companion,” and entering his life and so forth .

He believes in a different sort of Satan.. one that represents freedom and style, as he says, but if you listen to some of his lyrics, Satan, for Forge, is a lot more than that.

Let’s check out some interview clips.

A bit troubling seeing a young boy interviewing this guy in some of the clips.

No, I don’t think Forge is a danger to the kid.. what I mean is he is obviously not a danger to anyone.. except perhaps in a spiritual way.

Seek out evil and you will find it..

But is Satan really evil?

I think he sees the Devil as many modern Satanists do.. as I wrote before.. symbol of freedom and etc.

But Satan is represented by Forge is sometimes quite evil.

Here are the lyrics to a song called “Majesty,” a song with excellent music, that is written in praise and homage to the devil:

A higher power underground
From seraph skies and now to chaos bound
He is sitting sacred and profound
In midst of sinners licking up to kiss his crown

Pathetic humans in despair
Defaced, deflowered, now to death devout
A fallen angel in his glare
In midst of sinners kneeling down before His clout

Old One, Master
All beauty lies within
Old One, Master
All beauty lies within you

This oasis is a poisoned well
Of rotting carcasses that clog the deep
A prince in exile here in Hell
In midst of sinners flocking up like soulless sheep

Old One, Master
All beauty lies within
Old One, Master
All beauty lies within you

Old One, Master
All beauty lies within
Old One, Master
All beauty lies within you

Old One, Master
All beauty lies within
Old One, Master
All beauty lies within you

Your infernal Majesty.

Here is a live video..

Strange song.. A mix of horrifying images, and the line “all beauty lies within you.”

Unlike members of some other bands that sing about Satan, use Satanic imagery, etc., I think Forge is serious.

In the interview clip at 15:15, he talks about the devil entering his life. In another video, one I cannot find now, he went on to describe in greater detail, and spoke in such a way that Christians do when talking about “finding Jesus,” and having a relationship with Jesus.

Here’s another song of praise by Ghost:

Am I worried about Forge and Ghost?

To be honest, yes.

Playing with fire.. not necessarily literal hellfire, but spreading negative energy, and who knows.. maybe the devil is real.

If so, then would you want to call on the Devil, called “Little Sunshine” in this song?

Even if you don’t believe in a literal devil, would you take a chance that there are no evil entities out there?

This is a seductive song. Millions of people sing along with it.

And I don’t think this is good.

I don’t know about a literal devil, but I do believe in negative energy, and the possibility that negative entities exist as well.

And that is why I think it’s good to avoid calling on “little sunshine,” and why it just might be a good idea to avoid the music of Ghost.

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