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“What is the easiest musical instrument to learn as an adult, given that I have zero knowledge of music?”

May 18, 2018

That is a question I answered on a few days ago. Here is my rather lengthy but thorough answer.

(By the way, is a GREAT question and answer site! Tons of topics! I’m on there everyday,  reading, and often writing).


I have tried over 15 instruments. I have three suggestions for you, and some other suggestions later on in the post:

  1. TinwhistlePhoto on 2018-05-24 at 00.16also called a penny whistle. High pitched, shrill even at times, but can sound awesome. I learned from a teacher who taught a group class, but there are tons of tutorials on youtube, and you only need to learn a tiny bit of music theory, or none at all. An ok tinwhistle will likely set you back $20 or less. Get one in the key of D. Two brands that are the most well-known: Generation and Feadog. I don’t recommend getting a Clarke whistle. Those are made a bit differently than the rest, and are more uncomfortable to hold as you play. One of the best whistle people on youtube is a Catholic priest. If you are on youtube and type in “penny whistle priest,” you might find him. Tinwhistles are mostly used to play Celtic music and other traditional tunes from Ireland and the UK. Here’s me playing a basic tune:
  2. Harmonica – depending on where you live, you will likely find at least some tutorial books at your library. Also, lots of youtube videos. I would strongly suggest NOT buying a cheap harmonica. Spend at least $25–30, and buy one in the key of C, as most educational materials and videos are for harps (harmonicas) in the key of C. A few models to consider: Hohner Special 20, Seydel Blues Session Standard, and Suzuki Harpmaster. These all have plastic combs (the middle piece) instead of wood, which can swell, and are fairly comfortable to play. The Seydel is a little wider than the other two. The Special 20 is by far the best selling of the three. But I mostly play the Harpmaster, and sometimes the Seydel. I like the tone a little more. The Lee Oscar Major Diatonic in key of C is also a classic. Avoid the Hohner Blues Harp – some people love this one, but I think it is the most uncomfortable to play. I’ve found good deals on eBay.. but shop around on that site, as prices vary.
  3. A little-known instrument called the Seagull Merlin. See youtube for demos and songs. The Merlin is based on the Appalachian dulcimer – also called a Mountain dulcimer – but unlike those instruments, the Merlin can be played like a guitar, and has fewer frets than a dulcimer. The tone of the Merlin is excellent, and it’s practically impossible to hit a wrong note. The best Merlin teacher I’ve found on youtube – his channel is called “Ryan’s Seagull M4 Lessons.” cost about $120, last time I checked. I ordered mine from Elderly Instruments online, just over 2 years ago. You can get Merlins from many vendors though, and some music stores carry them. Almost no Merlin instructional materials are available other than youtube videos. These instruments come with either a mahogany or spruce top. I like the spruce top, because the sound is a bit brighter and punchy than the mahogany top. Get one in the key of D to start out with, since most tutorials will feature Merlins in the key of D (key of G also available).

Seagull Merlin, Tom Meninga

The problem with tinwhistles, harmonicas, and the Merlin is that, unlike a piano, guitar, and so many other instruments, you will not have access to all notes needed to play all songs. Experienced whistle players travel with a bag of whistles in different keys, and harmonica players carry cases with many different harmonicas – this is so they can jam with guitarists and etc.

Music is based around keys – sets of notes – scales and chords to go with each key. If you have an instrument, such as a whistle or harmonica, that can be played in only two keys (only one key will be listed on the box or packaging material), then you will need more of these instruments, tuned in other keys if you want to play with other musicians. Eventually, buying a bunch of whistles or harmonicas in different keys can be quite costly. But only if you become quite proficient, and jam with other people. You won’t have this problem with pianos, guitars, etc. because you’ll have access to notes in all keys.

Another fun instrument is the cigar box guitar – especially if you are into blues. You will have the same problem with this one though.. not all the notes, if I remember correctly – It’s been awhile since I’ve played one of these.

Here is the most popular cigar box guitar guy on youtube, Justin Johnson (yes, he looks like a cross between a pirate and a Musketeer):

Almost no songbooks available, but lots of tutorials on youtube. You can find lots of these instruments on eBay, and I think there is at least one builder on Etsy.

I like a CBG builder on eBay, called Weeklyhouse. Good prices and good workmanship. Bidding usually starts at $65 plus I’m not sure how much shipping.. $30 at most, if I remember – but this depends on where you live.

I have already bought two from this vendor, a 3 string and a 4 string, and am thinking of getting another 4 string. 3 string CBG’s are by far the most common, and are a little easier to play than 4 stringed CBG’s . They sound cool, but I like 4 string CBG’s better. I like playing finger-style guitar, and this works better with a 4 string CBG. The 4 strings have a fuller sound. But, you are more likely to find 3 string tutorials on youtube.

Edit 5/23/18.. a few days ago, after some online communication with Chris Weekly, the builder of Weeklyhouse CBG’s, I ordered one. It arrived today, a day earlier than expected. And it is great!

Photo on 2018-05-24 at 00.09

Photo on 2018-05-24 at 00.10

I played it for over an hour today, even though I don’t really know how, as of yet.

One things I had forgotten.. these are not very loud. If you are jamming with a friend who is playing a regular acoustic guitar – steel string or classical – you will not be heard.

Good thing the one I bought is acoustic electric.

I’m guessing there are some that are louder than this one though. This one was made with a small cigar box, and only has one sound hole. I’m thinking I might buy a small practice amp tomorrow. I don’t exactly need one. I can hear the instrument fine if I am playing alone, but it’s so much fun to plug these instruments in, and get some crunchy tone!

Get a coricidin-type bottle sampler on eBay from blooze bottles.

Here is one:

Photo on 2018-05-24 at 00.33

A sampler of bottle slides of different sizes. It’s possible to have a strap button put on the back of your CBG, on the back of the neck or box, and use a strap adapter or shoelace to attach the strap to the front (headstock) of the instrument. I had the strap button put on at a music store by a guitar tech, since I do not know how to use power tools.

Some CBG’s are built with the strings so high off the fretboard that it is only possible to play these while using a slide. Other builders have the strings low enough so you can play the instrument using your fingers to fret the notes. If you find one online that you like, ask the builder (if possible) how low the action (string height) is, and whether or not you can play with your fingers as well as a slide. I only like CBG’s that have strings low enough to be played either way.

Some CBG’s are acoustic-electric – meaning you can plug them into an amp. This is fun, even if the electronics on some CBG’s are rather cheap. They might pick up extra noise, compared to a regular guitar pickup, but at least you can plug the instrument into an amp, and dirty up the sound. It is possible to get CBG’s with no electronics, and also possible to get them with regular guitar electronics built in. The ones with standard guitar pickups (electronics) will likely cost more than those without such pickups.

You will find a large price range on these instruments, since they are all handmade.

I think, if you want to learn songs, the Merlin is a better choice than a CBG. If, however, you are really into blues, and just want to figure out blues tunes.. and ones you make up on your own, then a CBG is fun.

If you don’t want to bother with notes at all, hand drums can be enjoyable. Get a djembe. If you don’t mind a heavy one, and one that has a drum head of made real goat skin, buy a djembe from Overseas Connection. These are still made in Africa, as far as I know. You can find them online, and in some music stores. They sound great.

If you want a djembe with a synthetic drum head, Remo is the only brand I know of that makes these. The others, even if they are made in factories in Asia, will likely still have animal skin drum heads. Toca and Meinl are pretty good brands.

Congas are great too, but less portable, and more expensive. Lots of lessons on youtube. Being part of a drum circle can be quite enjoyable. I was in one back in 2009. Lots of fun. You’ll just need to be patient with yourself as you learn basic rhythms,

There is a hand drum that looks like a wooden box, and is called a cajon. To play it, you sit on it, lean over, and beat on the vertical surface of the drum, which is between your knees. You can get low pitched tones and snare sounds. Not so easy on the back though.

Meninl makes a slap-top cajon that has a horizontal surface. The snare tone of it is on the left, a mid-tone on the right, and bass tone in the middle. I’ve owned two of these. I can play them comfortably on my lap, or put them on a table and bash away.

Here is my demo and review video of the slap-top cajon. I show a regular cajon at the beginning of the video for comparison.

You might want to consider ukulele – but if so, consider this.. the ukulele is not as easy as I expected it would be. Some of the chords are very easy, and some are surprisingly difficult – even tougher than some guitar chords. Plus – narrower fret spacing than on a guitar, so you will be squeezing your fingers into smaller spaces on the fretboard than you would on a guitar. My fingers kept cramping up, but I was playing some really challenging chords.

Also, the uke has odd tuning (called reentrant tuning) compared to most stringed instruments. The string you’d expect to have the lowest sound doesn’t. This makes learning the uke a bit tricky, especially for folks who already know how to play a guitar.

It’s possible to replace the oddly high-pitched string with one that is the same note, but lower in pitch, but most books and other tutorials are meant for standard reentrant tuning. If you are just strumming chords, this will not be an issue, but it will be if you plan on learning music theory on ukulele, or playing finger-style – playing individual strings and notes.

With ukulele, as well as guitar – you have access to all the notes, scales, etc. and can play tons of different songs in many different keys. You can’t do that with the other instruments I mentioned, unless you buy more of those in different keys.

Here is my uke. It is one of two Mitchell models. The other looks more traditional, I suppose, but this one sounds better. I tried a few others, and this one, I felt was the best in the $100 price range.

It is a concert size uke (second smallest). I had a strap button installed on the bottom, and a strap adapter (small leather strap) attached to the headstock (not pictured). Some folks won’t use a strap, because playing without one is traditional. But there are certain things it is pretty much impossible to do on a uke if you don’t have a strap holding it.

There are 4 main sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. The first three are all tuned the same. Start with one of these. I recommend either a concert or tenor. The baritone uke is by far the largest, and is tuned differently from the others. I do not know why.

Bass guitar.. if you just want to learn songs, you can do that without learning music theory. Just do what so many guitarists do- learn to read tablature – it’s a lot easier to read than standard notation.

The basics of bass are not very difficult. Only 4 strings vs. a guitar’s 6, and you don’t have to worry about playing chords.

The downside to bass.. you won’t sound good playing by yourself. You’ll want to be part of a band.

Some other things to consider regarding bass.. Once you get good and start playing gigs, you will need a large, heavy bass amp – much bigger and heavier than guitarists carry.

And lastly, many bass guitars are heavy enough to be uncomfortable for some musicians.

You don’t have to spend a lot of coin to get a decent starter bass. $200–300 will be fine.

My top bass recommendation is the Ibanez GSR-200. The newer ones require a 9V battery to be put in the back in a special compartment. Once the battery is out of juice, you will not get any sound from the instrument, until you change the battery. Some used models (quite common online and in some music stores that sell used gear) do not require a battery. These GSR-200’s have 3 knobs, instead of 4. Basses that don’t require a battery are called “passive” basses, and those that do are called “active.” I think the passive ones sound better.

Squier – the cheap brand of Fender, has some good, inexpensive models, but these are somewhat heavier. Other good starter basses are made by Yamaha, and Mitchell, which is Guitar Center’s house brand of basses and guitars.

I recommend a 3″ wide leather strap to support the weight. Levy’s is a good brand, but I like the Franklin glove leather 3″ strap best. Not cheap – but worth it.

Start out with a small Fender Rumble amp.- these are great. The smallest one, the Rumble 25, costs $100, and some vendors offer free shipping. Ampeg is also pretty good. Avoid Acoustic, the house brand of Guitar Center. I love shopping at GC, but do NOT like their line of bass and electric guitar amps.

What brand of cable to buy? Most that are sold in a package or on a rack and have a brand name (and are not in a bin) are good enough to start out with. I like D’addario/Planet Waves – good cable for the money. You won’t need very expensive cables if you are just starting out. Buy a $100 cable if you turn pro.

What length of cable to get? Even when just practicing in my room, I liked having a 20 ft. cable, so I could wander around my room as I practiced. This is a good length. I used to have a shorter cable, 10 ft., I think. I had to stand close to my amp the whole time I played. Not fun.

My favorite youtube channel for bass is called Scott’s Bass Lessons.

One great series of learning materials for both guitar and bass is the Play-A-Long series – tablature books and a CD Rom that you can use to play along with, and slow down the tempo of the song. I’m guessing these are still being published. They are definitely useful when learning songs. I think there is one called “easy bass guitar,” or something like that. If you like The Police (Sting’s former band), the Police play along book is also good, since many Police bass lines are simple.

You might want to try a guitar. You might not find guitar to be that hard. Some people do, and some don’t. I still dabble on guitar, but after many years, still cannot play it well – you might really take to it though.

I’d say start out on an acoustic steel string guitar and learn the basics – chords and so forth. Your fingers will hurt for awhile, but you will build calluses and then your fingers will not hurt. Some good brands for beginners: Yamaha, Ibanez and Seagull.

You can get a good starter guitar, either steel string or classical, for under $300.

I personally prefer playing a classical acoustic with nylon strings, instead of steel string acoustic. I prefer the sound and also like that the nylon strings are easier on my fingers than steel strings. I’ve played steel string acoustics and electric guitars in the past, but like the classical guitar best.

Yamaha classical guitars are good. You might also want to try Ibanez or Cordoba. Seagull does not have a classical line, as far as I know.

You can start out on an electric guitar if you want, but then you have to deal with choosing from a multitude of amps with various features, and will likely get quite distracted by the myriad of sound options and effects most amps, even small practice amps, are equipped with these days.

If you decide to go electric, I recommend Epiphone. Their cheapest models seem better built than some of the cheap models by other brands. Ibanez makes pretty good cheap guitars too, and so does Yamaha and Schecter.

Stay away from any Squier electric guitar models that have the Squier logo only in black, and not in gold – the logo on the headstock. The ones with the logo in black are not good. Unfortunately, the standard Squier models are a lot more expensive than they used to be. But, you get what you pay for. A standard Squier Strat or telecaster should make you happy.

Some electric guitars have two sets of double pickups on them called hum buckers (you will find these on Ephiphone, Schecter, Ibanez, and other models). Most Squier and Fender guitars have single coil pickups, which have a thinner sound, and can produce more unwanted noise. But some people love these guitars. Some Squier Strats come with one humbucker and two single coils – a good combination. This is true of Ibanez as well.

Electric guitar amps.. best practice amp, in my opinion, is the Fender Mustang (these come in different sizes. You’ll just need a small one). Line 6 is also pretty good. If you want one with less effects that is built reasonably well, then go for a Marshall practice amp, or Orange (that’s a brand, not just a color). Blackstar has some little amps that also sound great – but with these, there are less knobs than most, so to change some of the sounds, you will have to plug one into a computer via USB cable, and use the Blackstar website.

Mandolins sound good, but they are kind of like ukuleles in that the necks are short and narrow, making chords hard to play. Also, mandolins have 8 strings – you’ll be playing two strings at once instead of one. This takes more finger strength. Not the easiest instrument to learn, but they sure do sound great.

If you really want to study music theory, then learning piano is best. At least with piano, the note you see on the sheet music can only be played with one key, either a black or white key on the piano. On a guitar, and other stringed instruments, the note on the page can be played on several different locations on the fretboard, and it is the same note.

But, you are asking about an easy instrument to learn. I don’t play piano well, as of yet, but so far, I can tell you that compared to some other instruments I’ve mentioned, playing piano is not easy.

I have found playing chords on a piano to be easier than playing chords on guitar or ukulele, but unlike on these stringed instruments, while playing piano, your left hand will be playing some notes, and your right hand will be playing others. Left hand more for rhythm, right hand more for melody (not always, of course).

It is very tough to have your hands doing two different things, such as playing chords with your left hand and single notes with your right. On a guitar, your right hand and left hand will be teaming up to play the same notes/chords, even though one hand is picking the strings, and the other s fretting them.

Lastly, with piano, if you really get into reading sheet music, you will have to learn both the treble clef and bass clef, and read both of these at once. For other instruments, like guitar and most wind instruments (trumpet, sax, clarinet, etc.) you’ll just be playing one note at a time, and will just be using the treble clef. That’s better than reading both clefs at once.

It is certainly possible to learn piano without learning both clefs. There is a dude called Scott the Piano guy, who has books on this. And you’ll probably find videos on youtube that show you how to play using simplified sheet music called a lead sheet (there are books, called “fake books,” that are full of lead sheets. Tons of songs).

A lead sheet will have a melody line in the treble clef, (bass clef will not be on the page) and letters above the notes that signify what chord to play. This form of sheet music is MUCH easier to read than standard notation. But you need to know what you are doing, and still need to learn lots of chords to play with your left hand. And of course, you will need to learn the treble clef well, so you can play those notes with your right hand.

One last thing regarding learning how to read and write music.. many of the greats, such as Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen, never learned how to read or write music. According to an excerpt of a John Lennon interview I read a few nights ago here on this site, even the guys in The Beatles started out without being musically literate. It isn’t necessary for playing popular music. If you want to learn to play classical music, then yeah, you REALLY need to know your music theory. And, if you want to learn jazz, knowing theory is really going to help.

Regarding wind instruments – the only one I played for awhile was clarinet. On both clarinet and sax, there is something called an octave key – this raises up all the notes so that they are the same, but higher in pitch. Unfortunately, the octave key doesn’t raise the notes on the clarinet only an octave higher, but more than an octave, so you will have to know two notes for each little key you play on the clarinet. Otherwise, the clarinet is not a terribly hard instrument. But you’ll not likely be playing one unless you are part of a school band program, like classical music, or New Orleans style early jazz.

I tried saxophones and a trumpet, briefly, but didn’t have money for lessons at the time, so I can’t weigh in on which is easier. To play a lot of notes on sax, you will need to learn what notes go with what keys on the instrument.

The trumpet only has three buttons on it – three keys – to play lots of notes, you will need to change your breath, and position of your mouth on the mouthpiece.

I would call neither of these instruments, nor the clarinet, easy.

Ok, so.. tinwhistle, harmonica, and Merlin are the easiest, and it’s not too hard to get started on bass guitar. Cigar box guitar is fun if you really like old style blues and don’t mind not being able to learn a ton of cover songs. Hand drums are great.

If you want more of a challenge, you might want to give ukulele, guitar, or piano a try.

Regardless of what instrument you start on, you will need to get yourself a metronome – preferably either a small digital one, or, even better, a metronome app on your phone – so you know you are practicing in time. Very important.

I know, at first especially, it really sucks to be practicing with a metronome, but you better do it if you want to play songs well, and especially if you want to eventually jam with other musicians.

Hope this post has helped.


What am I for?

May 17, 2018

What I mean is, “what am I in favor of, what do I like?” Not, “what is my purpose?”

I sometimes write posts that are negative, especially when writing about politics or religion. I thought I’d write a post about some things I am for.. some things I like..

So.. in random order..

The beauty of nature, and being able to take pictures of this beauty.

Rolling Rock beer. Sockeye Powerhouse Porter (this porter is brewed locally, and is very good). Many other great brews.

I rarely smoke, but when I do, I like imported, European-style tobaccos, and Indonesian clove cigars.

Creative music from many genres. Two bands I just discovered this week and really like: The Avalanches and Tame Impala.

Thanks to the young folks behind the counter at Flying M Coffee Garage in Nampa, Idaho, for so often playing great music. Last time I was there, they were playing The Avalanches. I’d never heard that music before so I asked who the band was. I then found the band on my phone, and other bands that are similar. Awesome!

Metal that is a mixture of various metal sub-genres and other forms of music. Prog metal mixed with power metal mixed with technical metal and why not throw in a bit of jazz or old world folk music.. or both.

Downtempo and other genres of music from the ’90’s.

Music from many decades.

Local, independent burger joints and pizza parlors.

Coffee houses.

Playing guitar and other instruments, even though I am not good at any of them.

Having conversations with interesting people.

Being nice, which I am in person, regardless of how I come across in certain posts and comments online.

Being able to get along well with relatives, despite having differences of opinion when it comes to politics and religion.

Being at least somewhat physically and mentally healthy.

Living in America, in a safe, middle class neighborhood.

Having enough money for food, shelter, and even a bit left over for entertainment.

The fantastic, truly amazing library system in the greater Boise area.

Having a creative mind, soul, spirit, whatever.

My dog.

Most Marvel movies.

Quirky independent drama/comedies, such as those made by Wes Anderson, and other directors. Some favorites: “Rushmore,” The Royal Tenenbaums,” “The Darjeeling Limited,” The “Commitments,” “I Heart Huckabees,” “Stranger Than Fiction,” “Lost in Translation,” “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” and “The Darwin Awards,” and “Wish I Was Here.”

Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Daisy Ridley, Benedict Cumberbatch, the cast of the Avengers movies.

Watching my favorite TV shows – especially if they are funny – “Community,” “The Office (US),” “Parks and Recreation,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Malcolm in the Middle.”

My TV, computers, and other devices.


Being able to cook, when I feel like it, and buying food from restaurants when I don’t feel like cooking.

Books! Fiction and nonfiction.

Idaho, which is a wonderful state.

Meandering.. traveling country roads and finding many places to wander through.

Nice people who I’ve met, and nice people who I’ve had contact with online, but who I’ve never met in person.

The ability and freedom to express myself.

Yes, there are many things that I am for!


“What are some things you’re not able to tolerate as you get older?”

May 8, 2018

I’ve been answering a lot of questions on lately. Today, I answered the question you see in the title..

I’m 45, and not happy about it. Here are some things that I have difficulty with:

Physical things:

A few things I like least: I started going bald in my 30’s. I’ve got that classic horse shoe baldness shape. I feel like I’m wearing half a hat, and sometimes just shave off all the hair on my head.

I’m not sure which look is better for me. Complete baldness feels better, but requires more effort – shaving my head every other day.. I get tired of that. I’m letting the stubble stay on my head right now.

More hair in my ears and nose than before – yeah, that’s fun.

At least I like that my mustache and goatee (which I keep short.. I don’t believe in being trendy, and am not a “lumbersexual”) have gone grey. Makes me look distinguished, and not just old, I hope.

I now should be wearing trifocal glasses, but didn’t get them. Those lenses make some things out of focus. Also, trifocals are more expensive than regular glasses.

I used to just need glasses to see far away, but I’m losing my near vision as well. To read fine print, like on an ingredients label (I cook a lot, and try to be careful about what I eat- most of the time), I just flip my glasses up to my forehead, and hold what I’m trying to read closer to my eyes. I do this with my phone sometimes. I also do this sometimes when reading books, instead of slipping reading glasses over my regular glasses.

Back pain is not fun. I can’t sit down for long periods of time anymore. But sitting down for long periods of time is not good for anyone. I have a standing desk on top of my regular desk, and use this almost all the time. It is adjustable, and I can sit down when I want. Paid $150 for it. Money very well spent.

My feet get sore more often, and I can’t walk as far, even with good shoes. But I can still go on short hikes, and am grateful to be able to walk at all.

(It is important to point out that many folks my age and older are in better shape than I am, but also, many are in worse shape, and some of my contemporaries have already passed on, due to living destructive lifestyles).

Wrinkles are not great. I’ve got worry lines all over my forehead.

My metabolism has slowed a LOT. It is tougher to lose weight now. This REALLY sucks. I’ve been trying for awhile to lose weight, and, unlike 10 years ago, am not making much progress. I was once able to burn weight off faster, and without changing my eating habits – just by exercising more. Doesn’t work that way now.

Aging parents:

I care about my parents a lot, and worry about them. They are both in their early 70’s, and not in the best of health. I help them by cooking, cleaning the house, doing some yard work, running errands, etc. It’s really tough to see my parents getting older and dealing with health problems they didn’t have when they were younger.


I like some aspects of modern technology, but feel strange because science fiction is, and has been becoming, science fact.

Do we really want to live in a world like that depicted in such films as “Ghost in the Shell” (either the animated or live action version – you choose – I liked both) or “Ready Player One,” or “The Matrix?”

I’m afraid of people getting hooked on virtual reality devices and VERY afraid of artificial intelligence.


I haven’t bothered in awhile. Most available women my age are divorced (some multiple times) and many have multiple children, who are likely in high school, and some who are in college.

Some divorced women are great, and really worth dating. But, I don’t want to deal with ex-husband drama, or grown or somewhat grown kid drama.

Another thing that is frustrating: I continue to be attracted to women in their 20’s, who are far too young for me. No hope at all of dating women that age anymore. I’m not a member of The Rolling Stones.. so..

Well, to be honest, it would really feel weird dating a woman 20 years younger than I am. That would just make me feel old. And I already feel that way. But maybe I’d make an exception for a 25 year old who I really got along with, and who, for some strange reason I cannot fathom, would want to date me. I’m a great guy in many ways, but I’m 45.

Why else can dating be so frustrating? The women I’ve met on a regular online dating site have tended to want to sleep with me on the second date (or first date, and I’m not particularly attractive). I’m old fashioned. I don’t rush into sex. But so many women these days want to do just that.

Lastly, it seems so many women are radical, pink hat wearing (these hats are meant to symbolize vaginas – yeah – classy hats.. I don’t go around wearing a hat with a foam dick and balls attached to it) ultra-liberal feminist types. I am only somewhat liberal, and can’t handle shrieking hardcore progressive women who constantly rant about LGBT rights and abortion. And how bad males are, especially white males.


Society has gone mad, compared to how it used to be when I was younger. That was before the incredibly liberal media blitz (gay this and transgender that and let’s have a parade and an LGBT character on almost every damn show – some gay and lesbian characters here and there – I’m fine with that, but so often, I feel like I’m being preached to) and political correctness insanity that has been going on since the year 2000 or so.

LGBT – no, I am not adding the “Q.” How many more letters do these people need? They will run out eventually.

I’m still (mostly) tolerant of LGBT people, and believe in keeping gay marriage legal, but I’m Sick to Death of hearing about LGBT issues all the time in the media, and being told what to think. You have your right to marry, and the media now supports you, so could you please shut up and just live and let live? And quit bothering the bakers and wedding photographers. There are other bakers and wedding photographers out there who would be THRILLED to have your business. That’s how I feel, anyway.

I used to be a huge fan of NPR, but hardly listen to that station anymore. (I’m somewhat liberal, so I don’t ever listen to conservative talk radio). NPR should be called National Progressive Radio. I’m not a progressive, I’m a moderate. (Sometimes, NPR is still great, though).

And what is with all this gender identity nonsense? There are two genders. TWO. And just because you are a man who feels like a woman or a woman who feels like a man, doesn’t mean you are what you feel like! There is such a thing as objective reality, no matter how many people wish to deny it in any or all of its forms.

The younger generation really does seem to be incredibly lazy, overly liberal, and has a strong sense of entitlement. I blame teachers, the media, and parents who are my age for this. But, yes, there are many awesome exceptions – great young people who don’t fit the negative millennial stereotype. My brother’s kids are pretty good people, and so are many others their age.

(Do I have kids? No. Thank goodness for that!)


The parties have both become fractured and radical. I am not a fan of either political party.

Back in the ‘80’s, the Democrats and Republicans still got along with each other somewhat. The animosity started in the ‘90’s, but got a LOT worse. Liberals are too liberal for me, and many conservatives are too conservative.

I could not stand either Hillary or Trump, but Trump scared me just a little more, so I voted for Hillary. But I figured we were screwed either way. I wanted to have a chance to vote for John Kasich, who, although a bit too conservative for me, was obviously the best qualified candidate on either side. But he didn’t “pop” on TV.

Bernie Sanders? Not a serious candidate. (Ok, neither were Hillary or Trump, or most of the others). I don’t know how so many people believe it is possible to, without using violence, severely tax the rich and redistribute their wealth. The most wealthy can hire the best tax lawyers, and find the loopholes in any tax laws, find tax shelters, etc.

History has shown us the only way to radically redistribute wealth is by use of force. That didn’t exactly go well for the millions upon millions of people who died while living under the control of Stalin, Mao, etc.

Yes, soft socialism can and does work, somewhat, but Bernie’s plan to radically tax the rich without use of force was doomed to fail.

And “free” community college and “free” healthcare – is NOT FREE !! The middle and working classes would be severely taxed for these programs. Why is this so hard to understand?


Since the era of Britney Spears and the boy bands, popular, mainstream music has gotten SO much worse. There have been a few bands and singers that have been good or better (Lorde’s first full-length album, “Pure Heroine,” sounded like an indie album recorded on a laptop, but that was partially why it was so awesome – I don’t know how she got famous – too original for the mainstream, but a miracle happened), and Adele is very talented, but for the most part, I can’t stand mainstream music from the last 18 years or so, and it started going bad even before then.

I am incredibly blessed to have discovered many relatively unknown bands and solo artists, some of whom have been recording since the ‘90’s. Among my favorites are: Hooverphonic – their albums with their first two singers, School of Seven Bells, M83, Lacuna Coil, Royksopp, Bjork, Zero 7, Sarah Longfield, and the first album, called “The Colourless Sunrise,” by Prospekt – the band name is spelled with a “k” on purpose. It’s a tragedy that Prospekt has a different singer now, but I will always be grateful for their first album – an unusual prog/technical/djent metal masterpiece.

I sometimes spend many hours online searching for music I will like. And I am also grateful for much popular music from the ‘60’s through the ‘90’s, and for jazz from earlier years up to now. Watch the Ken Burns Jazz documentary series. It is fantastic.


I don’t think most people realize that watching shows with a lot of graphic sex and violence is not healthy.

This is especially true if there is a scene of graphic violence that occurs right after a scene of graphic sex. Even worse if the two are combined, such as a rape scene. Simulated rape has even become a form of entertainment on many shows.

Why is watching this bad? The mind gets excited by sex, then excited by violence right away. So sex and violence are linked together in the mind as being exciting. Most folks who watch this stuff will not become rapists, but some will, and this contributes to what people are calling “rape culture.”

Also, sexually graphic shows are a gateway drug to hardcore pornography, and hardcore pornography is addictive and destructive.

I believe in guarding my mind, so I not only stay away from porn, but watch very few shows produced by HBO and similar channels, avoid TV in general, except for some programs on PBS, and tend to watch only a few sitcoms that are either in syndication (reruns) or not on the air anymore. These shows, such as “Community,” “The Office (US),” “Parks and Recreation,” “Scrubs,” and two British comedies, “Black Books” and “Outnumbered” I get on DVD, or watch on streaming services.

Guard your mind, people.


As I got older, I was less and less able to tolerate Christianity. I’m not saying that Christianity, or any religion, is inherently bad. I’m just too rational, I guess. My mind lost the ability to believe.

After I stopped practicing Christianity, I studied Buddhism off and on for years – enough to come to the conclusion that I’m not a Buddhist.

I also spent time with a very wise Wiccan priest. A truly great human being who died last year at age 50 (cancer). I learned a lot from him, and some from others in a little Wiccan group, but I did not become Wiccan either. I am just not capable of being religious. I don’t like being this way – makes for a lonely, spiritually unfulfilled life, but I cannot help it.

I still have friends who are Christian, Buddhist, and Wiccan. I’ve also spent time with people of other faiths, when I was part of a college international club, and when I tutored ESL for many years.

People who share some of the moral principles I have tend to be religious, and almost all the greatest women I’ve met have been Christians (either Protestant or Catholic). Some I’ve met long after I’ve stopped practicing any religion. Very frustrating.

Yes, for me, getting older has been damn hard.


A wet dog and a surprised dog owner.

May 4, 2018

Tucker, my dog, has lost his off-leash pond privileges. Most evenings, he just puts his nose in, but this evening, near the end of our walk, shortly before we got to the car, Tucker chased some geese, and apparently decided he, too, could fly.

I… was not pleased. Full immersion. If dogs were religious, this one would be a Baptist.

He certainly got a bath once I got him home. In the second photo, he is in his post-bath ceremonial robe. Works well for drying him off.

Good thing only one baptism is required to enter heaven, because from now on, if we are near a pond, Tucker will be staying on his leash.





Love, Simplicity, Beauty, and a Dream..

April 24, 2018

Love can be simple. I don’t know this from experience, and maybe I never will..

But I had this dream.. I’ll write what I can remember..

I tend to wake up slowly, and sometimes I can remember a little of what I’ve been dreaming.

In a dream I had today, I was a kid. Probably 10 years old. I’d never been a kid in a dream before, not since I was a kid.

In my dream, I had immense confidence, a very strong presence, and an unclouded, very simple and direct mind. I’ve never felt that way in my life.

There was a cute little girl, close to my age, in the dream. She had light brown hair, which was thick and wavy. I remember her wearing a blue t shirt and denim shorts. She did not look quite like any girl I remember meeting in the waking world, back when I was young.

She was a very sweet girl, with a beautiful spirit, very feminine, and vulnerable. Also, a little sad, and worried. I did not know why.

I did know, with absolute certainty, that I she was the one for me, and I for her. For always.

And I said, “Yes.”

She had not asked a question, verbally. I somehow understood her, without her having to speak.

What did I mean? Yes to what?

Yes, she and I would be best friends, fall in love, get married, and live our lives together. We’d have good times and some tough times, and we would not always get along. But we’d share a very deep love, and love and our lives together would be wonderful. Golden. Into our golden years. And I would take care of her.

She didn’t say anything in return, but I had this clear understanding that she said yes, too. She accepted.

That night, we shared a bunk bed. She was on top, I on the bottom. I’m guessing we were in her room, and she was on the top bunk because this was her room, and the top bunk was where she slept. The bottom bunk was usually empty.

I felt quite comfortable on the bottom bunk. Almost asleep. I don’t know why we were sleeping in the same room. I had no context.. were our parents friends? How did she and I know each other? I don’t know. I had the sense we hadn’t known each other long. I think we’d just met that afternoon.

I could hear a woman talking. I had an image of a somewhat attractive but troubled woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes, in her late 20’s or early 30’s. She was concerned about something. I could tell she was talking with her husband, who had dark brown hair, although the man did not speak. These were the parents of the girl, and they were talking in the kitchen, which was down the hall from the room we were in.

I could not hear what the adults were saying, but I could tell they were talking about their daughter. I felt that the parents didn’t get along very well, and things were not good.

They were talking about us, the girl and I, but I was not worried. I knew they could not come between me and the girl. But I somehow felt the man didn’t much like his daughter, their only child. He was not actively abusive, but not a very kind person either. And the mom was not especially kind or attentive. Too worn out or stressed.

I could hear the girl crying about something. Something to do with her parents. Perhaps, also, something to do with her future. It can be a tough thing to know, at age 10, that you’ve just met the person you will later marry, and spend the rest of your life with.

Even with a wonderful life to look forward to, as she understood.. it’s still something to be that young, and know your future.

I climbed out of bed and stood on my bunk. I rested my arms on her bunk, so that I could see her.

I said, “Don’t worry. I’m here.”

She stopped crying, and she felt better.

That was the end of the dream.

What a powerful thing.. to somehow know the future, and that our future, overall, would be good. Very very good. Lovely.

Wouldn’t life be immeasurably better if all of us who desire love, marriage, and being with only one person, met our significant other at age 10, became best friends, had a relationship during adolescence, later got married, stayed together, grew old together, and shared a truly wonderful, beautiful life?

“Ready Player One” – Awesome!! (Mostly)

April 23, 2018

I read a bad review of this film, so I had low expectations.

I’m not even a gamer, but.. Guess what? I loved the movie!

(I haven’t read the novel, so I can’t comment on how the film relates to the novel, except that my 13 year-old nephew thought the story in the film was better than the story in the book).

Hardly anyone famous in the cast.. which was cool.  I like seeing new faces sometimes. Also cool to see Simon Pegg, who is a huge sci-fi nerd. And the creepy dude who was the villain in “Rogue One.”

Never seen any of the kids before, and they were great!

The animation and special effects were amazing, even by today’s standards. I REALLY wish I’d seen the film in 3D. I saw it with my brother and two of his kids. I forgot he doesn’t like to pay three extra dollars per ticket to see movies in 3D. Bummer.

I’ll wait ’til the movie arrives at the discount theater, then I will watch it in 3D. That’s what I do if I’ve already seen a great movie with a whole lot of spectacle at a regular price, but not in 3D. I previously went to the discount theater to see, for a second time, the third Star Trek reboot, and the third Thor film. (Loved both of those, especially “Thor: Ragnarok,” which I think is one of Marvel’s best movies).

There are tons of pop culture references in “Ready Player One.” And some great music. I’m over 40. People my age and older will appreciate the references and music. The movie started with one of my all-time favorite songs, “Jump,” by my favorite band, Van Halen! A strange song to choose as a film opener, though, considering the movie is rather bleak at the beginning. But otherwise, “Jump” works well for the film (and especially the trailer). The song being about taking risks.. “might as well jump!”

I liked the plot, the acting, the characters, the visuals. All awesome.

One thing quite sobering though: It’s possible, even likely, that life in America and other parts of the industrialized world,  some years from now, is going to look and be much like it is depicted in the film.

Parental advisory.. just a bit of swearing, the main female character (in animated form) is in a sexy dress, and there is some heavy gore, surprisingly. Did they have to pick a segment from one of only three films that have badly scared me in the past?

No, I won’t mention which film. I want you to be surprised. If you are quite a bit younger than I am, unless you are a fan of older horror films, you probably haven’t seen it.

One other thing I want to mention.. I hope, after watching this movie, you don’t feel inspired to watch a previous Spielberg sci-fi film, “A.I.” Although fairly well-made, that movie is astonishingly depressing. Skip it, please!

If you are into movies about aliens, watch Spielberg’s classic “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Just keep in mind it was released back in 1977, the same year the original “Star Wars” was in theaters. The special effects in both films were astounding for that time, which was before the age of computer graphics.

So anyway.. as long as you aren’t bringing along little kids.. go see this movie!!




Cigarettes, Music, Art, Movies, TV, Hinduism, and Carl Sagan.

April 13, 2018

I don’t smoke much at all, but cigarettes help with anxiety and muscle tension, so lately, I’ve been smoking a few cigarettes a week. I’ve never had a smoking habit though. Just a few here and there during certain years.

There are only two brands of tobacco I really like. One is from Denmark, and called Peter Stokkebye. The other is an Indonesian brand called Djarum. Some of you might remember this brand from back in the ’90’s, when it was really popular among odd coffee house college kids like myself.

Officially, these Djarum clove-flavored smokes are cigars. This is thanks (no thanks at all) to Obama, who somehow managed to get flavored cigarettes outlawed..

.. Except for menthol cigarettes. Menthol is a flavor, in my opinion. Banning menthol cigarettes would have gotten rid of massive profits for American tobacco companies, such as Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds, so Obama didn’t push for a ban on menthol smokes, as far as I know – buy menthol.. buy American! (Screw that).

Having to find a way around the ban or go out of business, Djarum, like some other manufacturers of flavored cigarettes, changed the tobacco recipe a little, re-labled their cigarettes as cigars, and sold them in packs of 12, instead of 20.

These “cigars” look like cigarettes, just the tiniest bit wider. Don’t taste quite the same though. In the pre-Obama days, the clove cigarettes tasted better than these clove cigars.. but still.. good clove flavor.

The other brand I like I have to roll myself. Peter Stokkebye, a Danish company. Several blends available. I’ve tried three.

I like Amsterdam Shag, a Dutch blend with a very strong flavor. Much stronger than most Americans are used to. I’m Dutch, by the way, though born here. I remember when I was a kid, a distant Dutch relative came to visit from Holland, and brought with him a packet of roller-yer-own smokes.

I liked the smell of those. He was responsible enough not to let me try one, and I, being a good kid, did not ask for one. An uncle did let me have a sip of Coors beer when I was 7 or 8, though. I didn’t ask, he offered. Yes, I liked the taste of beer, even back then. Too bad alcohol does nothing for me except make me feel more agitated. I prefer a good smoke once in awhile.

The other blend I like is Turkish Export, which is more mild than Amsterdam Shag, but still good.

These tobaccos taste immensely better than pre-made American cigarettes that I’ve tried. These taste better than even the two pre-made brands I favor: American Spirit smokes, and Dunhill cigarettes, which are imported from England. I do miss Dunhill though. I haven’t found them in Boise as of yet.

I don’t know how to roll these smokes with just my hands, so I use a small rolling machine thingy. Yes, I thought it was really cool how John Travolta rolled his own cigs in “Pulp Fiction,” but I don’t feel like putting in the practice to learn how to roll my own without a little device.

Why do I not want to teach myself how to my own smokes? I’ve got a VERY low frustration tolerance. (Some of you may remember Michael Keaton playing a character with a very low frustration tolerance in the classic comedy, “The Dream Team.” Watch it!)

I keep these smokes in a metal case with a classic painting by Monet on the front of it. I spent many hours looking online for a cigarette case with art I like.

We have a print of the same painting on a wall in our family room. Sorry, I forget what the painting is called. There are sailboats in the painting.. but there are sailboats in other, perhaps many other Monet paintings, so I suppose mentioning sailboats won’t help you figure out what painting I’m mentioning.

While I was making the coffin nails, (great name for cigs), I felt I wanted to listen to a certain song by Macy Gray, which I have not heard in many years. The song is called “Do Something.” It is a sad, wistful song, with a chorus that has a positive message. Macy Gray smoked a lot, but not tobacco..

After that song on youtube.. Hinduism.


I like studying various religions, and don’t know enough about Hinduism yet. Also, three movies I really really like, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” and “The Darjeeling Limited” are set in India.

Another reason.. I was discussing religion with my dad over coffee at the Roastere this afternoon (wonderful place except it closes at 5pm), and I brought up Hinduism.

Lastly, while browsing Netflix this evening, looking for something peaceful and humorous to watch, I found a movie featuring actor Danny Pudi. You probably don’t know who he is unless you, like me, are a huge fan of the remarkable and very original sitcom, “Community.”

Pudi played my favorite character, Abed, a movies and ’80’s pop-culture obsessed guy who is half Palestinian, half Polish, and obviously mentally ill.. suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, and occasionally schizophrenia-like psychotic breaks with reality. I don’t mean he’s psychotic, he just becomes.. unmoored.

Pudi’s performance of Abed was unusual, heartfelt, and often hilarious. Yes, you guessed it, the character Abed and I share a few similarities, though I am not, officially anyway, on the Autism spectrum, and have no schizophrenic symptoms.. thank goodness for that. Knock on wood (the one superstition I have).

The Danny Pudi film is called “The Tiger Hunter.” I’ve not watched it all yet. It’s not about hunting tigers, except at the beginning.

It’s about a guy, who, in 1979, moves from India to find a job in Chicago. Why 1979? I don’t know. No, the Smashing Pumpkins song, “1979,” has not shown up in the soundtrack, considering that song was released in the ’90’s.

Since the film starts off in India, I got to thinking more about Hinduism, so I watched a few youtube videos on that faith.

The most intriguing video on Hinduism that I watched tonight features the late Carl Sagan, talking about how Hindu cosmology matches up well with science.. something like that.

The video is 15 minutes long. If you have the time, and are curious about Hinduism, Cosmology, and how they relate to each other, you’ll find the video worth watching.

I’m going to go have a smoke now. Shall it be a clove cigar, Amsterdam Shag, or Turkish Export? Choices Choices.

Here’s Carl Sagan..